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  1. I went to stay at Fairthorne around 1959/60 I went two years running. Loved it. I remember the different colours in the bedrooms. Had loads of fun. Anyone remember the plays that we put on at the end of the stay?
  2. Anyone remeber the whistle in Pond Street for the last bus, Maces pet shop in rag and tag market, Mushroom kiosk in Pond Street..
  3. Hi I worked at Cockaynes in the tube room, where the tubes with cash in went and the change came back down. My dad was a security man on the gatehouse at Moor and Wrights at Handsworth. Anyone remember the little gatehouse there? Also Davisons Fancy Goods on Blonk Street. Now gone.
  4. Hi I went to Woodthorpe Infants 57 - 60 Athelstan Juniors 60 - 63 Headmaster was Mr Thomas Mr Turner was one of my teachers. Still there, my grandaughter goes there now. Brook Secondary 63 - 67 Now Demolished some good memories some bad.
  5. Hi There is an Admiral chippie on Birley Moor Road Sheffield 12 area. The one at Mosborough is still there.
  6. Hi I went there twice round 1962/63. I went because my dad was ill for quite a long time and it was like a place for children to go for a holiday but not too far from home. Or at least I think that was why. It was great really enjoyed doing different activities every day. I loved it. Can remember doing arts and crafts and other activities and putting on a play at the end of the stay.
  7. Has anyone said Hackenthorpe Methodist, this has a big green dome just off Birley Spa Lane. Also Handsworth Methodist Church on Handsworth Road.
  8. I remember going in the Zing Vaa as a little girl. Fantastic food. That would be nearly fifty years ago. There used to be one on Surrey Street as well.
  9. Also the lady in Peters and Lee.... she lived on Penrith Road in Shirecliffe, but can't remember her name.
  10. Jet Harris from The shadows was also from Handsworth I think. He was in a band with my brother when I was a little girl.
  11. My husband went to Frechville school, he says tricky dickie went at the same time as he did. Will make him mid fourties.
  12. Judy Lowe actress was born and went to school in Woodhouse, went on to marry the late Richard Beckinsale.
  13. Hi Richard My grandparents were Eheud and Lily Marfleet. Had four sons and all worked down the pit with grandad. Dates i can't remember . They lived there when I was born 50s and still lived there in the 60s. I have a family photo taken on Waverley lane for there golden wedding. I will dig it out and post it on if I can figure out how to do this,
  14. Hutch

    School Dinners

    Hi Don't think so. I am middle fifties, went to Athelstan and Brook. Left in 1967.
  15. Hutch

    School Dinners

    I've just joined this. I went to Brook- by no means posh- and the dinners were always good. I loved the rice pudding !!!