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  1. darra

    Looking for David B Staves

    did you ever get a reply?
  2. darra

    Pye Bank School, 1954 - 1960 Ish

    not heard anything mate. Not on Facebook. Would be good to go to one of those reunions
  3. darra

    Pye Bank School, 1954 - 1960 Ish

    I'm guessing you might be Mr Flannagan? Yes mate I'm well and enjoying retirement, two years 1st April. Might give that a try be nice to catch up with a few people Tony Wild for instance. How you doing?
  4. Hi My name is Lingard Mabel does not ring any bells however and most of my family worked in the steel works
  5. darra

    Pye Bank School, 1954 - 1960 Ish

    Hi Just seen this. Frankie Lemons died many years ago (30+). I'm trying to find his brother Ian if you have any information
  6. darra

    Board Schools of Sheffield

    Thanks for the picture SteveHB didn't realise at first that it was interactive.It bought back many memories of where I used to live (a tower block now a house),and the park keepers hut where we painted a cricket wicket and the recreation ground where we had 20+ aside footy matches on a Sunday until beer took over and last not least my old classroom.
  7. darra

    Board Schools of Sheffield

    that looks so different,it used to be surrounded by high rise flats, shops and maisonettes.
  8. darra

    Board Schools of Sheffield

    I went to Pye bank school and am pretty sure that it has a date carving which says "School Board then a date (Can't remember what it was) that part of Andover Street was always known as School Board Hill.
  9. darra

    Corner Pin

    Remember one Xmas about 25 years ago going into this pub at lunch time.Landlord kicked us out about 5 so he could get something to eat and a tidy up we were back in drinking at around 5:45. can't remember what time that night we left What a session!!!!!!!!!
  10. darra

    The Owls "Shop" 1970s

    I got one of those for my 21st birthday lambswool it was. was looking at it in my wardrobe yesterday extremely moth eaten but still a keeper.
  11. darra

    Bob Bolder

    My abiding memory of Bob is him leaving for Liverpool and if IIRC he never played a first team game for them. A waste of a good keeper.
  12. darra


    Hi Brian, Good to know you're still in business. Used to love going to your shop,climbing up the ladder to try on the latest tweed oxford bags or to get a Ben Sherman shirt,made all the better because one day I told you I worked for the N.H.S. and from that day on you gave me a 10% discount. Happy days, strange fashions (Tweed oxford bags I ask you).
  13. darra

    Sheffield City Hall

    Saw many concerts at the City hall. Sometimes sued to go beacause we were bored and had nothing better to do. (It was easier in the days of tickets costing 70p). Interested to read about the organ being worth around a million as I seem to remember Greg Lake during a concert attacking it with what looked like knives before being stopped by someone.
  14. darra

    The Top Rank Suite Sheffield

    Thank you
  15. darra

    The Top Rank Suite Sheffield

    remember seeing the police doing 3rd spot with two other bands (who I can never remember,headline band did the single off shore banking business the other I think were the comsat angels) in about '79.Also remember seeing Eddie and the hot rods who were so loud I couldn't hear properly for about 2 days after.