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  1. Hi Stu Whilst researching my 2 x Great Grandfather, Joseph Ogden, I came across this post of yours along with the replies from Syrup which have helped me get a better 'take' on my own family's connection to the Redmires area. Regrettably though I'm not going to able to provide you with any information to assist your own research. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, I thought I'd cheekily take the opportunity to tap if I could, into your knowledge of the area to help me in my own family research. My ancestor, Joseph Ogden was born 29 April 1841 and his birth certificate gives his birthplace as Fairthorn Fullwood (sic) which I was able to locate on one of the maps in this thread. I have since found an earlier map (surveyed 1850/51) which shows the area before the third reservoir (Upper) was constructed, which I've attached here. This suggests that the Fairthorn mentioned on the birth cert is actually Fairthorn Green. However, on the 1841 census taken on 6th June (just 5 weeks after his birth) the address given (whilst I can't actually decipher it) certainly doesn't appear to be Fairthorn. There are two separate families living at whatever address it is and the occupation of the head of the other family (Thomas Peacock) is given as Gamekeeper. I've attached a screen shot of that 'address' on the census in the hope you may be able help decipher it. The following census of 1851 doesn't really help either as the Peacocks have moved away and the Ogdens' address is given as Water Company House which isn't especially helpful as I feel there may be several similarly named abodes in that part of Redmires. Joseph's father's occupation is given as Labourer on both censuses. The neighbouring addresses on the census are Wyming Brook and The Grouse and Trout Inn although I know that on censuses at that time, especially in rural areas, it doesn't necessarily follow that the sequence of addresses mean they are physically close neighbours. I hope you'll forgive me the liberty of tapping your knowledge when there's no quid pro quo for you! Kind regards