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  1. Dunsby Thats not my end of the terrace, could be another part of that area that has been demolished, thanks though. Where is the Grimesthorpe section on this site?
  2. Behind the garage was Brook Terrace, I lived there up to 1976 when the houses were demolished. The Ball was the first pub I drank in.
  3. The Limit Radio Hallam's money mountain Bonfire night at Firth Park Dodgy fair's Concord sports centre Harrington's Saturday morning movies at the ABC Pond street bus station The public TV station that broadcast from the Sheffield show, can't remember the name The miners strike Bus strikes The winter of 76, days off school as they couldn't keep the schools warm Playing tennis during wimbledon Sheffield as the centre of the world because of the snooker at the crucible banging hammers heard in grimesthorpe Whit walks Frank White at the Penguin The smell of stale wee wee and finding empty gluebags in page hall Terry Curran Tony Currie Big Jack Replays against Arsenal Sheffield Eagles Rag week Hills and bad paper rounds The sheffield gazzete and burning copies we should have delivered Banners Christmas clubs Seb Coe santa's grotto at the Co op The Human League Clock DVA Comsat Angles Cabaret Voltaire Heaven 17 and Sheffield being the best place in the world to grow up in, feeling sorry for people who lived i Rotherham and Barnsley!
  4. Just a boxing ring disguised as a night club. Ultimate Fighting and Mixed Martial Arts has never seen anything like it!
  5. My dad's mom lived on Sicey Avenue and I went there every other Friday as a kid. I spent the first 10 yeras of my live living on Brook Terrace in Grimesthorpe, behind the church and near the Bowling green pub. On eof my earliest memories was the dyke that ran in front of our house flooding in 1972. By 76 the whole lot had been demolished and we moved to Wensley Close with indoor plumbing. Interesting enough my house in Canada was built in 1959 and it was built with two bathrooms both indoors! What was going on in England!
  6. Its like the bronx there now, my parents still live up Whiteways and I spent a lot of time in the Cannon late 80's. My grandfather ran a clothing shop in Firvale and I spent countless hours there in the summer holidays and after school.
  7. I grew up on the Wensley estate and practically lived on Wincobank Hill. Ican't beleive how a historice site has been left to ruin. I live in Canada now and in North America the take great pride in their short history. Maybe because ours is much longer we take it for granted.
  8. That map has Page Hall road listed as Pack Hall road. Thanks for the map.
  9. Earl Marshal, left in 83. They may have added teachers now as it was anarchy in the UK back then.
  10. Popple street chippie was the best around Firvale and there was a good one at Firth Park across from the fine fare but I can't remember its name.
  11. Great memories of growing up in the 70's in Sheffield, money mountain was great.
  12. Flippin' bus strikes in 84, I had to bike it to work.
  13. The greatest club in the world, nights out in town were never the same after it closed.
  14. Christ, I used to drink in there in the 80's and early 90's. It became a bit of a hole and there were a few muppets that used to frequent it, although I'm sure thats what everyone would have said about us!