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  1. I have @15 prints of Sheffield in the '50's painted by Sheffield artist the late Peter Owen Jones.If I'm allowed to advertise on here could admin point me as to which section they could be advertised in ?
  2. I moved away in April 1968 so one of the above will be right.Cheers neddy.
  3. As a child of 4 in 1967 I recall my mum taking me in a shop on Chesterfield Rd to buy a lolly.For many years I have been searching for a picture of said premises.Finally 49 years later one has appeared on Picture Sheffield.Does anyone remember this shop-on the left? Can anyone tell me the owners name and the shop number?
  4. Never knew that existed Mike.I've lived around the area-my mum still does-since 1968 but know nothing of the place.
  5. Again,just bumping this thread for any help...
  6. Just bumping this thread back to the top in the hope someone knows something...
  7. Cheers Edmund.Not an uncommon name though.Will write.
  8. HughW,we are looking for her now.We have the records going back past Tarver.
  9. Daughter of William & Dorothy Nolan.My wife believes she is related.
  10. ​Yes,they are keeping the frontage but it will no longer be a pub.
  11. The Ship Inn at Neepsend has sunk...
  12. I can't do links but there's a good photo on Places Now Gone under the banner 'Where is this ?'
  13. All the more confusing.The housing didn't seem to have much of a lifespan.