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  1. I can hear it from my house. Never been down to it mind!
  2. Wish I'd been up to watch it now. No one would go with me. I miss them :(
  3. So Kingdom nightclub looks set to go soon, depsite the fact it is reopening as Embrace in 2 weeks lol
  4. I was born there too. 21st November 1985, 1 day early, Are the knocking it all down then or is some part remaining?
  5. Yup, thats the track I was on about.
  6. Aye, wish it was still open, has to be better than the New Inn at times. I slightly remember playing football with the lads on a Sunday afternoon outside the Francis when I was about 3.
  7. Sounds like where the closed off path is just before the houses to me. Always been houses to me up there.
  8. hahah, the curry is the only nice thing from there, the rest is rank these days. Not what it was. BTW it is on Duke Street not City Road.
  9. My Auntie and Uncle still live there right at the top, which is going to be the last stage to be done. They used to live on Norwich over looking the Station but had move for the redevelopments. I only live up the road too so I see it every day pretty much.
  10. booooooooo I would have all 4! Damn me being slow.
  11. I only left All Saints in 2004. Be something wrong if I can't remember the teachers lol
  12. What I heard was that the Harrow and the Durham Ox were both going to reopen as student pubs because of the flats that are going up so half expect to see work being carried out on their soon, maybe sarni shops etc.
  13. Not when you use the short cut that doesn't mean you went through the bus gate on Duke Street wooooo
  14. The sweetie shop is ace. Almost went in today, when stuck in traffic as per lol
  15. Some of the shops are now boarded up ready to pulled down for the new Markets that are being built down there.