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  1. Several picture sheffield images have been uncovered on the facebook group - kicking myself I didn't think of that. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s17729&prevUrl= So, mystery solved. The building next to the shop with the Oxo advert (which is now Paddy Power's bookmakers) is still there, but obviously the Penny Bank was built in the early 20th century. I still think it looks much older!
  2. I suspect, sadly, it's gone for good. I've never plucked up the courage to go in and ask...go on I dare you!
  3. Is it visible at the moment? When the vape shop took over the building, they covered it in a wooden box saying "don't worry, the historic cigarette machine is safe, we've sent it away to be repaired and it will be back soon". That was years ago and when I last looked it was still a wooden box. Sign long gone. Perhaps it's re-appeared since I last looked, when did you last see it?
  4. Excellent replies, thanks. So I think the map is implying that the shop was indeed a different building, and the bank was built later? I'm not sure how accurate old maps are with buildings, but the jagged shape is evident in the 1921 OS map, and on 1935 its the smooth rounded shape of today's building. I'm not very good with architecture, but that building in my second picture looks Victorian to me, I'd have dated in the 1800s. But the evidence is showing it was maybe late 1920's?
  5. Someone has just posted on the Sheffield History facebook (grrrr) group this picture: This is Hiram Cheetham, born 1857 so it is guessed the picture is between 1877 (he would be aged 20) and 1939 (the year of his death). What's confusing me is that it is believed by the poster this is 197 Main Road Darnall. White's Directory of 1905 says "Cheeham, H, Greengrocer, 197 Main Road Darnall" which I'm guessing is where this info comes from. 197 Main Road is the old NatWest bank and looks nothing like the same building: (The old bank is the curved building on the corner, shown here as a post office back in 2008). Anyone any clues? Did the grocer's building predate the bank? I always thought the bank had been there as long as modern Darnall? I think my family used to still call it the Penny Bank, but my memory might have distorted that. I'm now thinking that the original picture is somewhere else entirely and Mr Cheetham moved before or after 1905. Can anyone recognise the building?
  6. Yes and no...it closed as an ice skating rink I think when the new fancy one opened up at Don Valley. It's now this...roller skating... http://www.skatecentral.co.uk/
  7. I do vaguely remember the sleigh ride - mechanical reindeers apparently pulling the sleigh and all. I'm guessing I would have been taken to it around 1980.
  8. According to this page he won in 68. http://www.arrs.net/HP_HChXC.htm My earlier thread on the race here: http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/12786-hallam-chase-fell-race/
  9. I posted pretty much the same thing on the Sheffield Forum a couple of years ago. I've wondered about Lady Canning's Plantation everytime I've run through it. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=908120
  10. I work nearby, I'll go and have a poke around sometime this week.
  11. It's a good fun but low key event: sadly it seems that the paint tradition has expired, we just got a magic marker pen scribbled on our race number. I was first to Stannington Church (it's a handicap and I was the slowest runner in the race mind), so I got a great big trophy to polish for a year...
  12. similarly Gleadless is supposed to be from Glead-Leah, Leah as above being a clearing and Glead is a Kite (bird). I've no idea if that's true, I was told it at school but I'm inclined to not believe anything I was told at school until I see evidence! This link here suggests a Glead is a kite This book of northnern dialects here seems to confirm.
  13. A Brilliant Find! Exactly the kind of thing I was hoping would come up. I still haven't sent my entry form, must remember to get it in the post today.
  14. Ah ha! Right, that's the old Oakes Park school, which became Talbot School. It was a school for special needs. It's closed now, my guess is that it was used temporarily for Bents Green during a refurb. Edit - the Google Street View image is dated September 2008, and the sign still says Talbot School. http://maps.google.c...,111.41,,0,10.3 This link on sheffield forum confirms there was a rebuild and a temporary relocation: http://www.sheffield...ad.php?t=524161 Second edit: looks like Oakes Park/Talbot/Bent Green (temp) was demolished in January 2012. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=915614
  15. No punchups that I remember Dave, Oakes Park was a special school and you never really saw any pupils there, they were bussed in I think. It was a bit of a mysterious building in many ways. There was a lot of rivalry between Gleadless Valley and Newfield though. And Norton Free was then a tiny primary school, still a village school main building with a few prefab mobile classrooms. It was expanded dramatically in the 1990's, presumably to take up some of the slack from the demolished Hemsworth School?