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  1. Hi, Does anybody have any information about John Round & sons making helmets during ww1? I've got a ww1 helmet shell, the early raw edge type with the stamp mark JR&S A5 Thanks Mick
  2. Hi Mick,

    I notice that you were researching Frederick Arthur and Ada Norton, they're my great grandparents. Would you like to share research information?


  3. Thank you Johnm, The names Arthur Ellen and Eliza seem quite common in this family. Herbert's wife was called Elizabeth Bramwell ( nee Roulson ) Elizabeth's parents where called Arthur Roulson and Eliza Ellen Roulson. One of Herbert and Elizabeth's daughters used Ellen as a middle name...........gets a bit confusing at times cheers Mick
  4. Hi, Could somebody double check the family tree for Herbert Bramwell born 1886 and lived at 171 Bell Hagg rd Sheffield please, I have his parents down as, Thomas Bramwell who lived at 167 Bell Hagg rd ??? and was married to a Hannah Ibbotson? I know Herbert voluntary enlisted in the East Yorkshire Regt on the 12th April 1915 aged 29 and he was married to Mary ? Elizabeth Roulson on the 25th ?December 1908. Thanks Mick
  5. Hi Thank you all for the above information. cheers Mick
  6. Thank you for the info, yes they were married. Is there a date of birth for Peter please? Thanks Mick
  7. Hi, Can anybody help with this please, Im trying to find any info about a Ellan Hardy born 1911 died ? and a Joshua Hardy born 1911 died 1976? Thanks Mick
  8. Thanks Vox for your reply, my WW1 helmet is the early raw edge type but just puzzled with the makers mark. Ive seen the R mark before, just never seen the JR & S before, did they use that stamp mark first then changed it to R ?
  9. I have a WW1 Brodie helmet and inside its stamped JR & S A5 Anybody know what the makers stamp mark is? Thanks
  10. The stream starts off at the bottom of the field to manor oaks farm that borders manor cottage farm roughly half way up, the ground there is boggy and follows the old stone wall ( now gone ) into the bottom field, it then goes right towards the back garden to manor cottage then turns left. A small section of field there always used to be boggy all year round. The stream then disappears then comes out near the old dis used coal mine in the left part of the field, its a C shaped hole in the ground and you could see the water gently bubble out ( looks a bit like a spring ) it then runs along the bottom of the muck heap to the old mine making the ground quite boggy before it runs at the edge of the field just behind the houses were it now looks like a stream. It was like that when I lived at manor cottage for 20 years
  11. I've found the details of Percy Bamforth when he was in ww1, it says he volunteered to join the Royal Artillery at Sheffield on the 10th August 1915, He served with the guns at the front for seven months. He was immediately " attached for duty at Elliot & Sons Sheffield". On the 28th January 1916, Percy was posted as being " supernumerary" by the Sheffield Administrative centre, so remained at Elliot's. Percy was "released" from Elliotts on the 26th August 1916 and sent for trade testing at Leeds. He failed his trade tests and on the 29th August 1916 he was posted to the 1st Reserve Brigade RFA. He returned to france and was discharged from the army on 20th march 1919. How can you be serving on the front line, then have to go back home to work in a cutlery manufacturers, what was Elliot & sons doing in ww1 has it says it was unclear what their role was in wartime? mick
  12. Does anybody know what Elliot & Sons role was in WW1? thanks mick
  13. Ah!......... It is percy think my eyes need testing. thanks again mick
  14. Thanks History Dude, the John wm Bamforth on this census died 25th may 1950, out of Johns family, it just leaves Henry that was old enough to be in ww1
  15. Thanks Syrup for that, so it looks like it would be Henry Bamforth who would have been old enough to have served in the first world war at some point.