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  1. It was Parramore's Foundry. I remember it well. The place to start is Chapeltown Library. They may be able to give you a contact for the local history group (Chapelgreen).
  2. The Truro was the first pub I ever went in. Dare I say I was only sixteen at the time, and went home sucking mints?
  3. It's a lovely old building, and about five minutes walk from where I live. I know the people well who live there. It has secret passages and ghosts too. Full of atmosphere.
  4. The Esso Garage was actually on the site of The Sunbeam. The Companions Club was next door and is still there. You entered The Sunbeam's auditorium with your back to the screen.
  5. I know Dennis very well. I worked for him at Elsecar. I still have regular contact with him.
  6. The Park Cinema was slap bang in the middle of what is now the Park Square Roundabout.
  7. Over the door one one of the blocks, was the message - 'Abandon hope, all ye who enter here'.
  8. Me again. I went over Chapeltown yesterday. Sadly, the old Hallamshire Maternity Hospital has been pulled down. If you want to see where it was - Google Earth 'Steven Crescent, Chapeltown'. The site is now all private houses. However, Chapeltown and High Green Archive Centre must have a photo of it. It's worth trying them. I have seen a pic somewhere and if I come across it again, I shall get back to you.
  9. HI. sorry but the building in the picture is actually Barnes Hall at Burncross, Chapeltown. For years it was owned and lived in by the Smith family (Wake, Smith & Company - solicitors). It is still a private residence. When I was a child, my grandparents used to live about 3 minutes walk from the old Hallamshire Maternity Hospital in Chapeltown. It was in the Birch Avenue area, which is at the rear of Chapeltown Baths in Burncross Road. I believe it is now a residential home. I shall be over there in a couple of days time, so I will have a look and let you know. It is easy enough to find - providing of course, it is still there. When the (Royal) Hallamshire Hospital opened, it changed its name to Chapeltown Maternity Hospital.
  10. If I remember rightly, the screen was at the back of you when you entered the auditorium.
  11. I live in Mill Road, which is down the hill from the church and first right. Formerly known as Dog Leg Lane. I also have David Hey's book, and quite a few others too.
  12. I remember The Paragon. It was a lovely cinema. Whay lovelu memories of you have.
  13. They could have been. After all, it's just a jump to the left.
  14. echo

    Washing Day...

    I remember those dryers. They were called 'Hawkins High Dry'.