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  1. Could be Walkley....St Josephs was "A walk down a hill( If you lived above it )...South rd shops are close by....just a wild guess though
  2. I remember the bloody steps at the daizy...fell down the buggers once after staggering out of the blue bell...Penthouse was the same...about 6 flights...and once walked into my own reflection and broke me nose after a visit to..I think it was faces..they had full length mirrors..i thought it was a corridor, and didn't notice myself walkin' towards meself...so to speak........
  3. Think the pub might have been called "the Hanover" mate...used to go in there...had a mate that lived just off Havelock Square during the time of The Yorkshire Ripper..not a very nice area then, but fair to say I never had any trouble, funnily enough the hanover was quite popular with students...but everyone at the time used to go home in groups
  4. According to an old patient on the ward i work on...sometime in the 50's or 60's...a Russian firm sent over what they professed to be the "smallest drill in the world" to a Sheffield factory....The Sheffield factory drilled a hole through the middle of it...and sent it back...
  5. http://www.mysterymag.com/hauntedbritain/?...=7&artID=83
  6. Excellent site ...was chatting about it to a mate in Hillsboro' the other day...and he related a story his Dad had told him about years ago...i got home checked it out on tinternet and found this... http://www.thecobrasnose.com/xxghost/shj.html first i'd ever heard about it
  7. This is Asteeners wife replying. I was a nurse at Sheffield Royal Infirmary between 1973 until it closed and everyone transferred upto the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. There was a series of tunnels underneath the Infirmary. As a night sister when walking from the medical block to surgical block or to ENT we used the underground as all the main entrances at ground level were locked. It was very eerie. The underground was also the area near to the kitchens where all the meals were prepared. As a student nusre I did one of my assessments (aseptic technique) in the A/E dept. This was where the new Tesco is now (wines and spirits dept!) Does anyone remember the underground?
  8. It also looks very much like one of the bridges over the canal on the way from town to Attercliffe...not sure