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  1. The tunnels were all filled in when the subways were closed. I believe the ends of the tunnels were sealed with blocks and a gap left so that they could be pumped full of flyash. I walked through the complex in connection with my work when it had been closed off but before the filling work began, wierd. The middle was part filled with the remains of Kelvin flats.
  2. It was interesting but had it's drawbacks, I was heartily sick of Christmas by the time we switched them on having been working on bits of them since September. Funnily enough I hate decorating our christmas tree at home and dread the thought of testing the lights! I knew the chap in charge of Blackpool lighting in the 1970's he was called Arthur Elliott and was in his late 50's by then. Their operation was a year round job, they made most of the set pieces in their own workshops. Things have changed in Sheffield now, a private firm supplies and fits the illuminations and the council only has to make sure the electricity supplies are still working.
  3. Yes I know Richard, I live not far away from you now, he'll remember Nigel
  4. I think the plan was to extend it up towards the Sheffield boundary at Grenoside, but it never came to anything. Interestingly there used to be a tram section box near the junction of Hill Top Road that controlled the street lighting, it was removed in the 70's I think.
  5. Somewhere around I have loads of pictures taken during construction as I worked on the project from 1990 until construction finished. I must get these scanned.
  6. On the subject of Webb lamps, do you remember when Radio Hallam presenter Roger Moffatt painted the one on Brincliffe Edge Road red white and blue to celebrate the Silver Jubilee? It made all the papers!
  7. In the early 80's I used to help put up the illuminations. The tree on Fargate used to be very tall, over 40 feet. I remember one year we strung the festooning and lights around the tree using 2 hydraulic platforms, the one I had was a 40 footer and at full height didn't reach the top of the tree. The lights and set pieces were stored at Hillsborough Barracks at that time, we used to start testing them in September, the barracks were the coldest place I ever worked in, even when warm outside it was freezing inside. Switching on the illuminations was a team affair, at strategic lampposts an electrician would stand with the post door off waiting to throw to switch on his section. The switch on was at the City Hall, but the first thing to be switched on was the tree on Fargate and the Goodwin fountain. The 'star of the show' would organise a countdown, when it reached '1' a worker would bang on the window of he underground gents toilets in the Town Hall, where inside, someone would throw the switches to light the tree and fountain. When that lit it was the signal for the electricians to throw their switched in the lamp posts, and as each section came on other electricians would put on their bit. That's why they came on is a wave fashion and not all at once.