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  1. Agreed the council is not perfect, but unfortunately money talks, and when the budgets have been consistently cut for 20 years or more something has to give. 1) Not all of the Jessop hospital was demolished, the original Victorian parts still stand and are being reused. 2) As for the gas lamps, well we've been here before, but they are redundant and have been for many years, they haven't carried outs their intended function since the 1960's, remember they were never classed a 'street lights'. Some have been refurbished, and they look okay, but it costs money I'm not defending Amey (left them after 8 weeks!) but as a city we have to attract investment, it has always been the case and in years past, and great swathes have been cleared in the name of progress. Should we have not done a slum clearance programme because the houses were 'part of our heritage'? Was it any better when the Lib Dems were in charge? Of course if you don't agree with how Sheffield is run, you can always put up for election and try and change it yourself.
  2. One of his many talents is fencing (the sport, not putting up garden stuff) and an interest in Medieval re-enactments. A few times when he's been in the Sheffield area he's been known to join in at local group practices, my eldest son (6 years old at the time) 'practised' with him back in the 90's, really nice guy!
  3. I would have though the 51 was more challenging. Used to travel to Lodge Moor quite frequently and there was always the chance to get a 'demonstrator' from some manufacturer. Take into account Manchester Road and East Bank Road, it's not surprising some of these buses didn't last!
  4. From the Imdb list there were locations all over the place. One that is not listed is the scene on the tram that was filmed at Crich Tramway museum in Derbyshire, the tram used being Gateshead no.5. Nigel L
  5. I would think no one would like to be seated in the back part of the HST power cars, certainly not with the original engines! The guards compartment was built into the power car along with the luggage area, but the noise of the engine soon put paid to that idea and they were moved into the coach immediately behind the power car. The class 91's locos have no space for seating accommodation and the associated DVT's were designed to be the luggage and parcels areas from the outset. Agreed there is a weight difference in the class 91 loco and DVT, (89 tonnes against 43 tonnes) but even heavier locos have come to grief hitting things on the track.
  6. The road was widened several times over the years, eventually at the last junction improvement scheme it had to be moved. I posted before on the trials and tribulations involved with it, eventually it cracking when being lifted into its new position after being in store! Nigel L
  7. There was indeed, but I never went in. I used to go to the sandwich shop at the top of Cambridge Street.
  8. Never worked in the 'eggbox' (I was based in Cambridge House next to the City Hall) but visited it regularly. Huge open plan offices, floors were carpeted in bright orange. There was a small printing department in the very top part of the building that we used to print off plans etc, and next to that was a guy who made the architectural models of the town centre redevelopment. There was also a rather nice roof garden at the end of the building nearest the Town Hall. Nigel L
  9. Seem to remember in an interview (Parkinson?) that her stage name was picked out of a book, she turned to a page at random, then a line at random and found the words 'Tomato Cane'. Only time I ever saw her was when she opened 'Laskys' on Leopold Street. Nigel L
  10. Yes I remember Beatties on Pinstone Street, used to get a lot of railway modelling stuff from there. They did have a shop in Meadowhall in the early days, on the lower level if I remember correctly. Nigel L
  11. The shop on Shalesmoor closed a few years ago. I seem to remember there was a shop that sold aeromodelling stuff at the bottom of Cemetery Road, just round the corner from the roundabout and near the bus stop, that was in the early '60's. Nigel L
  12. I remember as a kid we used to go on day trips by train to Cleethorpes We always set off from the Midland station but the train nearly always returned to Victoria, which meant a long walk to the bus station in Pond Street! Nigel L
  13. Millhouses Lane for certain. The area where the trams are stood as concreted over after the tram. service ended, in the '60's the no.4 bus service used it as a terminus, the bus unloaded here then went down to Silver Hill Road to turn round before coming back up to pick up passengers and head back to Firth Park. Not all the services turned here, some wen through to Bents Green Looking at the trams, I think the one on the left is a 'Standard' and the other one a 'Domed Roof' car Nigel L
  14. Fairly certain the box by the Cathedral is not the one that was there prior to the re-modelling of Church Street due to Supertram construction. Up to about 1992/3 there was a box on the corner of Church Street and St. James' Row and this was due for removal to allow the Supertram stop to be built outside the Cathedral. It was to go for scrap, but I arranged for Balfour Beatty to keep it one side for preservation either at Crich Tramway Museum or Kelham Island. All was going well until a few days before it was due to be removed, when it was brought to the attention of The Star, who put a photo with someone leaning on it in the paper. Suddenly everyone and their Grandmother was up in arms about saving it. BB removed it and stored it at their depot on Blast Lane, and there it resided. Plans were put forward for it to be used as a switching box for point heaters, but it was deemed as not being up to modern safety standards and eventually it disappeared. The one currently at the Cathedral appeared a few years later and the reason I don't think it is the same one, is that the original had a wooden box on the side which used to house a telephone handset, so was fairly unique, and the current one shows no signs of where this box would have been attached. Where the original went to, I don't know, but it is a shame if it did actually end up going for scrap. The box there now possibly came from Prince of Wales Road where one stood unused for years and was only removed in the mid/late '90's. Nigel L
  15. I seem to remember these were removed when the Moor was re-developed after being 'sold off' by the Council to a property management company, so sometime late 90's early 00's
  16. Hunters Bar Infant school from 1961-65, I remember my first teacher was Mrs. Pashley, there was also Miss Brown Hunters Bar Junior school from 1965 to 69. I remember Mrs. Thorald and Mr. Holmes, wish I could remember the others. Failed the eleven plus and went to Silverdale 1969 to 73. I remember Mrs Turvey (maths), Mrs Jenkinson (?), Mr, Shooter was deputy head, Mr. Biggins was head, Mr. Welsh (?), Mr. Tocker (geography), Mr. Hutchinson (games - ugh!), Mr Atkinson (chemistry), Mrs Brammer (biology), Mr. Lyons (physics), Mrs. Wigmore (art), Mr. Horn (English?), Mr. Firth (French), Mr. Wasnidge (music) and Mr. Peckett (metal work). Can anyone fill in other names of teachers around this time? Nigel L
  17. I remember one used to come round Hunters Bar in the early '60's, no horse just a bloke with a deep wooden barrow with long handles and running on cast iron wheels. The streets round there were still laid with setts, so you knew he was coming even before he shouted! Nigel L
  18. Really sad, only found this out today. I first went there when they were open on Sellars Street, full of old army surplus equipment, brilliant for getting parts from. Bought a digital clock board and perspex case for it in the '70's from a box under the counter, it didn't work of course but after a bit of fault finding I got it going, it has 'nixie' tubes for the display, and all these years later it's still going strong, best £5 I spent. Reg was a right character, big into model railways and always larking about, it got him into trouble a few times! I suppose the internet has put paid to most of their business, plus the fact that not many people seem to be interested in making electronic things these days, its all computers. The best thing was they knew their stuff, could always find equivalents and were willing to help out if you didn't quite know what you needed, and they always had the bits you couldn't find elsewhere. Nigel L
  19. Probably been covered here before, but it looks like one of the ones with the Yorkshire Rose cast into the base. There were quite a number around at one time, I think some were around the Basegreen area, probably all gone in Ameys clearance programme. Nigel L
  20. South Yorkshire didn't exist until 1974, set up as part of the Local Government act of 1972, before that Sheffield was part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, although it was autonomous from an administrative point of view. Nigel L
  21. Falcon was allocated to Darnall shed in about 1961 and worked both freight and passenger duties. It was eventually sold to British Rail in 1970 who operated it until the mid '70's. There was a proposal to preserve it, but allegedly a clause in the sale from Brush was that it could only be sold for scrap, so that's what happened in 1976.
  22. Cravens also built the three members of class 129, the single car parcels units in 1955, and the class 311 electric multiple units for use in the Glasgow area. Not sure about the class 141's, they were a lot later and built by British Leyland from bus parts Nigel L
  23. Wasn't that the place that had a 'permanent' Closing Down Sale? Lasted for years! Nigel L
  24. That's true under a 'wayleave agreement' We had many where wall brackets for street lamps were fitted to private houses or buildings in the town centre, sometimes it could be a nightmare finding out who actually owned the buildings, especially office blocks. This was the reason more lights weren't fitted to buildings. In Scotland the law was different and you could attach anything without the owners permission. You were never going to get rich on the payments though, only a few pence per year, maybe a shilling. I remember when the original cable TV service was started in the 70's that the cable ran along the wall of my parents house, I think they got 5p per year! Nigel L