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  1. The old tram poles were still in use years after the trams were withdrawn to supply overhead power to street lights, although in this case I think they are probably powering the clock on the pole on the left. They were a devil to remove, well concreted in and virtually impossible to pull out so they had to be burnt off below ground level. A few were filled with concrete where the tension on the tram overhead had a tendancy to pull the pole out of line, you could spend a full day trying to get one of those out. The last use of the poles for lighting was on Penistone Road, from Hoyle Street towards Hillsborough, and I think they were removed in the mid '90's Nigel L
  2. Lemmy117

    A very familiar scene from Sheffield's history

    I would guess when the picture was taken that Chapeltown was not part of Sheffield, it would be Wortley Rural District Council or West Riding County Council up to April 1974. Those MASSIVE fluorescent street lamp diffusers made excellent cloches, a guy at work used to collect them to use in his garden! Nigel L
  3. Lemmy117


    I remember the chewing gum machine on the wall of Thornton's corner shop junction of Stretton Road and Penrhyn Road as a lad. I can confirm it gave a freebie every fourth turn, we used to watch how many people used it then dive in when it was due to 'payout'! Nigel L
  4. A few additions to the list:- Cut down from double deckers and still knocking around M3 OWJ 353A in Blackpool area M4 OWJ 354A in Blackpool area M16 OWJ 782A in South Yorkshire Transport Trust (SYTT) Rotherham And subtract from the list 61 C61 LHL Ford Transit / Carlyle - recently scrapped. Others in existence used by STD/SYT but not new to either:- M1 DUG 167C ex-Blueline now SYTT M18 BWW 654B ex- T. Severn & Sons in Doncaster now in Keighley bus museum Nigel L
  5. Lemmy117

    510 and 513

    510 had a bit of a bump last year, so has had some bodywork repairs along with a new trolleyhead, not in service yet, but is in the process of being commissioned and should be back in service early September. Nigel L
  6. Lemmy117

    Beer and steelworks

    Although i never worked in a steelworks, I was told by someone who did that at just before shift change time the local pubs would line up dozens of pints on the bar, the men would come rushing in, grab pints, and go off to the tables, then one of the bar staff would come round with a cash bag and take the money from them by counting up the glasses. The beer was weak by today's standards and some would put salt in it.
  7. Lemmy117

    510 and 513

    That is probably the case, in any event it was the last tram to be towed out of Tinsley depot for the short trip across the road to Thos. Ward's yard for scrapping on December 21st 1960, attached is a photo of it in the scrapyard. There was a request from the Tramway Museum Society at Crich to preserve it, however this was rejected as the truck had some experimental parts, (possibly gears) which were to be returned to the manufacturer, and from some other photos i have seen it looks like it made the trip to the scrapyard on an old truck
  8. Lemmy117

    Construction of The Hole In The Road, Sheffield

    Construction company, the burger joint was WIMPY (no E).
  9. Lemmy117

    510 and 513

    513 has been all over the place since leaving Sheffield in 1960. It was bought privately and stored in a goods shed near Keighley for a long period before finally getting into the hands of Beamish. At some time the controllers were removed, the ones in place now are not the same type, hence it is not in totally original condition (unlike 510), and was re-panelled at sometime as it had similar artwork to 510. It went ot Blackpool for the celebrations in 1985, though it didn't like the Blackpool trackwork and was a very rough rider. It went on loan to Lowestoft where the long wheelbase (9' 0") caused more problems, it couldn't get to the end of the line until this year when some trackwork was realigned. A bit of history about 510 and 513. When the tramway in Sheffield was due for closure it was decided to decorate a couple of trams for the closing ceremony. A few members of the Tramway Museum Society at Crich had a chat with Charles Hall and were duly shown 510 and 513 in Queens Road. There was a plan for the TMS to acquire the 'Last Tram' so they selected the best of the pair, 510, and this duly became the last 'official' tramcar in the procession. 513 was passed over due to it having a 'loose tyre' on one of the wheels. 510 has been at Crich since 1960, and a few years ago had the artwork body panels replaced, the originals were in good condition but have now been removed for conservation, the replacements have been painted to exactly match the originals. It is currently having a new dash panel made up and painted (the bit with the headlight in) and hopefully should be back in action this Autumn
  10. Lemmy117

    Early Days Of Crystal Peaks

    I seem to remember the railway was called "The Glacier Express". The cinema used to give out car stickers "Did ICU at UCI?" Nigel L
  11. In fact the roofs on the trams are still blue, Oxford Blue if I remember, they were never repainted when transferred to Stagecoach.
  12. The inter regional code for the Southern region was the letter 'O'. There was also a class 0 (numeric) which was a light engine movement. The letter 'Z' applied to special workings not normally in the timetables, eg. 1Z45 could be an interregional excursion. During the '70's the Merrymakers excursions carried the 'Z' designation. In 4 digit codes the last two numbers were reporting numbers and didn't refer to any specific routes, but in the two digit codes used on most DMU's it did, must have been very confusing. I think the use of the blinds stopped when TOPS codes started to be used and passed on to signallers automatically.
  13. Lemmy117

    Radio Hallam

    Occasionally saw Mike Rouse after his lunchtime show on Saturdays, sat on the back steps of the Old Blue Bell, with his sandwich and pint of Guinness - happy days
  14. Well as there is only 1 tram track on the bridge, and no overhead, it must be between 1873 and 1899. As Queen Victoria visited to open the Town Hall in 1897 could it be connected with her visit? Nigel L
  15. Lemmy117

    When was this built and when did it close?

    Eyre Street underpass. I think it closed early 2000's and was unused for a few years before being filled in when Arundel Gate and Eyre Street were remodelled as single carriageways.