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  1. Times for Saturday steam special, Grindleford 11:36, Totley Tunnel East 11:43, Sheffield 11:53. Note it does not stop at Sheffield. Nigel L
  2. Further information is that it was 45699 Galatea and coaching stock Nigel L
  3. Look like an empty stock working from Burton on Trent Wetmore sidings to Carnforth. It was on Realtime, it passed just before noon, here's the link https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/U10754/2019/09/09/advanced There was a similar working a couple of weeks ago, an 8F plus coaches on that occasion. Nigel L
  4. I would contact the Tramway Museum at Crich, they have an extensive library of tramway records, and with Sheffield being one of the last systems to close there is a good chance they got most of the records. Nigel L
  5. 25 years ago today Supertram was officially opened by Princess Anne. A plaque was unveiled on Park Square, anybody know where it is now? Nigel L
  6. I would have though it was more llikely to be an enthusiasts tour, especially as its tram no.1 Nigel L
  7. Its 25 years ago today (21st March 1994) that the Supertram opened for passengers. The first tram from Meadowhall carried the local dignitaries, press etc, and the second one carried those daft enough to get up early to get to Meadowhall for just after 6am, I was one of those! There was such a long queue of people going through the long winded procedure of buying a ticket at one machine and validating it at another, that the tram left late but with a full load. First journeys were Meadowhall to Commercial Street and when we arrived I got cornered by a Star photographer and ended up with my photo in that nights paper. Nigel L
  8. This may not be an original feature of the Roberts cars, but is a necessity at Crich. The curved parts of the roof at the side and ends are not very thick and certainly will not support much weight, only the grey painted area is safe to stand on. Getting onto the top from the gantry in the workshop to adjust the springs tension or attend to the grease points requires a climbing board put across onto the grey part and a leap of faith. With so many different trams and servicing people, it is safer to put the writing on to remind everyone! Nigel L
  9. After the recent Tram Train incidents which resulted in 399202 and 399204 being damaged, speculation was rife as to which other TT would be pressed into service on the Parkgate route. Well it appears that now we have another tram running around made up of the best bits of others. 399202 entered service again on Tuesday 18th December, it is made up of 2 parts of 202 and 1 part of 204. This trams joins 102, 111, 118 and 120 as being made up of parts of other vehicles. Nigel L
  10. That is a possibility, I'm led to believe that the older trams normally run on restricted power and effectively run at half available acceleration. I don't know whether the TT's are so equipped.
  11. I wonder if apart from fitting the different bogies they also need the Network Rail signalling equipment fitting, or do they all have this fitted as standard? Seems strange that within a couple of weeks there have been two incidents at the same junction with the new vehicles, while in the previous 20 odd years there have seen virtually none. Nigel L
  12. There are 7 of the Tram Trains, although I believe only 4 are designed to work the Rotherham service, and one of those is out of action having hit a lorry on the first day of the new service! The problem is the difference in wheel profile between light and heavy rail, so a compromise wheel profile and track profile has been evolved. Tram Trains that run to Rotherham can only operate between Cathedral and Parkgate, this part of the track has been profiled to accept the revised wheels.
  13. It turns off the Supertram system at Tinsley South tram tramstop, passes under Tinsley viaduct on a new bit of track then joins the old railway lines towards Rotherham Central, continues to the back of Parkgate retail park where a siding and platform have been installed.
  14. Indeed I do! The original panels containing the artwork on 510 have been retained as part of the collection as they are of historical value, new panels being fitted and painted to match. 513 had such a nomadic existence it's is surprising more of it didn't get stolen, where the controller's went to is a mystery, though some panels are at Crich. The two trams differed in the location of the pictures, 510 between the top and bottom deck. 513 below the bottom deck windows. 510 is a joy to drive, especially if you are left handed, as I am, as everything is operated by the same handle, power, air track brake, electric brake and airbrake, not much for the other had to do, and you have a seat to perch on! Nigel L
  15. Would agree with 1991. I've got some pictures of the bridges being built dated 92/93, (worked on the project), must get them scanned sometime! Nigel L