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  1. Sorry that you have had to wait so long for clarification on the apparent mystery surrounding the ownership of the much-loved Queenie's Fisheries, but as a very proud family member let me explain.... I can confirm that Albert ('Bertie') & Concetta Vettese (pronounced vet-ay-sey) were initially the principal owners of Queenie's Fisheries at 122 Hartley Brook Road having acquired it in the late 1940s from its previous owners who I understand were of English decent. It was at that point that the shop first became known as Queenie's Fisheries, 'Queenie' being Concetta's nickname since childhood. When they decided to return to Albert's native Glasgow, full ownership of the shop passed to Theresa ( also known as 'Tess' or 'Tessa') & Noel Fusco, Concetta's daughter and son-in-law. Both Noel & Tessa had been born and brought up in Edinburgh. It is categorically their photographs which appear in previous postings on this topic. Out of interest, Noel and Tessa's children would love to know from where these images were sourced? I can confirm that, prior to moving to Sheffield from Edinburgh, Noel had served as an officer in Her Majesty's Merchant Navy. I can also confirm that, for a number of years before taking over the business in its entirety, Noel did (as another member has commented) also work for Block & Anderson. That said, during this period, you would have undoubtedly also seen him behind the counter from time to time serving up Queenie's renowned fish and chips. As other posts have suggested, both Noel & Tessa sadly died some years ago now. Their three children, Connie, Noeline and John, are still alive and living in other parts of Yorkshire these days. From time to time they review with affection and great pride the tributes paid in posts about Queenie's and their beloved mother and father. However, the family wish to make it known that the present owners (who have evidently decided to trade under the business name of Queenie's without their permission or consent) have absolutely no connection with the original owners or anyone in the wider Fusco family. They are saddened to read in other forums that those who may have ventured back to Hartley Brook Road in the hope of enjoying great fish and chips once again have been so bitterly disappointed.
  2. Many thanks to all those who remember Queenies Fisheries at Hartley Brook Road, Shiregreen with such affection. I have passed on your kind comments to Mr Fusco who's now in his 80's and lives in Scotland. You've made an old man very proud and happy that his family's fish and chips were appreciated by so many and are still fondly remembered some 22 years after they served their last portion!