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  1. Was fortunate to make three journeys two single deck two double deck. Suspension on those country roads leaves something to be desired. So much so it had female members "screaming" for an early toilet stop! One journey was over 1 - in- "almost upright" hills (not one of the scheduled routes) with the driver warning before hand the vehicles gearing was not designed for these roads and we may have to get off and walk in places. It was close at times but we did'nt.
  2. There are two Leyland Tigers one 1946 the other 1949 and they are still in service! They are run by Cumbria Classic Coaches (www.cumbriaclassiccoaches.co.uk) a Vintage bus hire company. There are a few regular routes. See website for details. Cumbria Classic Coaches
  3. Corner of Lifford Street and Dundas Road, Tinsley. Long Gone. We knew it as Golden Earings because the lady in the shop wore golden earings!
  4. Seeing the advert for Hadfields reminds me of my Uncle George who worked there and how proud they were to have made the diamond crossing just outside Newcastle Station.
  5. In the 1960's Alex Campbell and Bob Davenport
  6. Does anyone recall the conductor who "sang" out the, then, villages on the Sheffield to Retford bus in the mid to late 60's? I remember him as we approached Swallownest which he sang out as "Swallowowsnest"
  7. I have a song that always reminds me of Sheffield - in particular Tinsley. It is called Dirty Old Town which was originally written about Salford but the images it creates for me could so easily be Tinsley in the 50-60's. One verse in particular goes: I heard a siren in the night Saw a train set the night on fire Smelt the spring on a smoky wind Dirty Old Town Dirty Old Town Looking across from the Sheffield Road bridge (between Vulcan Rd and Bawtry Road) at night - this was how I remember it.
  8. As a point of interest the streets on the edge of the page between Southern Street and Carbrook Street are Mons Street and Warden Street
  9. I remember standing by the wall on old Sheffield Road opposite the PostOffice and seeing the viaduct "creeping" across the valley. I recall it looked so sinister
  10. I have no picture but wasn't there an illuminated tram to celebrate the end of World War 2? I was very young at the time, about 3 yrs of age, but believe I saw it in Attercliffe Common.