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  1. Well you're looking for some photos of the Crazy Daizy !i am putting on a Daizy reunion on at the Bessemer pub here in Sheffield! Here are some of the photos I've had sent me!
  2. My name is nigel filmer, I started work at R&Js in 1979 I had come from Mecca Samanthas/Tiffanys/ Crazy Daisy to join EMI the first owners of R&JS the 1st manager was Dave Jamason from crazy Daisy, I dj in the Romeo room with a band, the company became Thorne EMI then became First Lesure, about a year or so after the Cairo Jax refit and silks bar add on, I left to go to Blue Lace in Bradford, I was called back to sort out the <Removed> with the sound & lightning, then I moved to 7th Heaven in Doncaster, still carried on sorting out the sound & lighting in SHEFFIELD till the venue was sold on,stayed on in Doncaster after the refit to Karisma,moved to Club WOW Sheffield till it closed, lots of info on management,DJs, lighting jocks,and staff+door staff. Hope this has been a insight to bank street, posted once before when a DJ said he had worked a club I was at! So Walter Mittys beware!
  3. Well here I am again to dish the dirt on the night clubs in Sheffield,lets start with Tiffanys London road Manger Danny Fairweather (my 2nd dad) he was the best manger I ever worked for, catering manger Mic Powel ( who later went on to manage Roxys, Tiffanys on its refit was ahead of its time the first club to have a open DJ box with lots of room for your records as the 12"single was starting you need lots of room for your records one of the DJs that worked the same time as me was called Jimmy Mack god did I take the pee out off him sorry mate. I only ever covered at the crazy daisy David Jamison was the manger ( who went on to be the manger at Romeo & Juliets) worked with Kim sanders ( who later left to run a pub) the dj who took over from was steve Thomson ( who later took over from spider in the Juliet room of R&Js) before the daisy he worked at faces nite club, I also ended up working at R&Js the first company to run the club was EMI it had a mix of Bailys , Mecca and top rank mangers working for it, them emi and thorne ran it before lord del font pulled all his clubs bingo piers etc etc under the name of first lesure for many years the biggest chain going, the bigger the company the less of a wage they would pay you (go thing i did not do it for the money) The best DJ mixers in my mind where Cloud (no not because its a Sheff company) Roy and Andrew would listen to the dj needs and in most cases tick the box, best speakers turbo sound, meet the guy that designed them well spaced out, back to my R&Js days we won the Sheffields lord mayors best float one year it the same year we got kicked off the Rotherham one for being to loud upset the RAF band, FLC had me DJing all over the place I felt like the Alan Wicker of DJs (ask your mum who he is BUT don't play the wicker rap) while R&Js was still EMI the world disco dancing started, god that was fun NOT, we had some great PAs I will dish the dirt on them soon It's late and they want me back in my straight jacket so till next time that's all folks ( sorry still cant spell)
  4. Hi my name is Nigel. I worked the Sheffield club scene in the 70s to 2000, as I can not get a book published this is my way getting it out off my system ! ( no publisher will put up with my bad spelling) I started DJ'ing at the ice rink in Sheffield, then moved upstairs to Samanthas to do parties in the Hallam suite; the main DJs at that time where John Vincent and Spider (Kev Watson), Spider brought to Sheffield his own brand of music (mick ronson roxy music ect ect) John started the northern soul allnighters and also was big on the northern soul scene. I left Samanthas to work at Tiffanys in the tree tops disco. The main DJ was Bryan Westlake, I took over from Bryan in the main room after tiffs had a facelift. A dj I worked with at the same time was G Bull (who later bought Voilet Mays record shop), about this time Mecca had opened the Crazy Daisy - the manger was David Jameison, Spider Watson move from Sams to dj there, I left Tiffany's to dj round the UK, coming back to Sheffield to cover at the daisy ( the only mecca club to play punk). Had a good time there, worked with a good friend there Steve who had been a mate from the old ice ring days, did a bit of djing in the blowup room in Baileys on Bank St, at that time mecca and top rank had the big clubs then EMI came along with the twin disco concept, I started work the in the Romeos room with Spider Watson in the Juliets room, then Steve Thomson took over from spider steve had started djing in Faces then took over from Kim Sanders at the daisy (Kim made the daisy thee place to be on a Saturday lunch time) also played punk & funk on a Wednesday - he left to become the manger of the Saddle on West Street. All the club djs would meet lunch times in the daisy to chat that's the one who did not have a proper job, even Mark Rose who dj'd at Scamps would come in I met Mark again when I was working at club WOW, he now lives in the states and works on a radio, the manager at R&J's was the old mecca lads from the daisy David and Chris not forgetting Ron who later went to manage Rebles, at this time Josephines opened, the first dj was Pat Sweetwater then Chris (the mighty atom) then Paul Baron. another place the Sheff DJs would meet was Revolution Records, little Pete had worked for the record companies and had the best tunes in town. Yet on my travels abroad again to come back to Sheff and the new Cario Jax where I was to worked with Steve Thomson and Paul Baron, then the small refit plus Silks bar added on, name change to carios dropping the jax thats it for now, I will be back with a more indepth on the clubs and people I worked with right up to club wow ! By the way wow stood for "World of Wonder ! " if they only knew lol
  5. thankyou for your kind words, I have got he bug now I am going do a run down of the clubs & djs as I rember them I hope my inside track brings peoples memories back to the disco age
  6. Just to put the record straight, the DJS at club wow where Lee Curtis(notts lad now lives in donnie) ( x carios& karisma) Neil Becks (stage name) Andy Oliver, near the end the where loads of one nighters in the secret garden and club zus room the reason i know this first Liesure brought me back to Sheffield as I had worked here in the 70s 80s before moving to Doncaster, I was at WOW three months before it open setting up all the sound and lighting and stayed to the end when first Liesure closed its doors. I have gone back to my roots in music I DJ a northern soul night twice a month, If I you want to know about Sheffield clubs 70s 80s then WOW in 2000, I worked most of the clubs in Sheffield. I started in the Silver Blades then Samanthes,Tifany's, Baily's, Crazy Dasiy, Romeo and Cairo Jax, Bradford blue lace, 7th heaven - Karisma Doncaster Lexington Ave Hull, ect ect, then finished my tour of duty with first Liesure at club WOW dj sound & lighting tec, bad speller.