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  1. It was definitely Archers, best sports shop in Sheffield, ever..........there was nothing that bloke didn't have, it was like the Tardis, you could hardly move in there but it was great.
  2. I guess they just have to divide up the stadium equally, don't suppose they know in advance who'll take up the most tickets, lots of people come out of the woodwork for finals so average attendances are probably not much help in figuring it out.
  3. From the photo it looks a spectacular save....best save by a Springett I saw in real life though was from Peter, can't remember who it was against but it was at the Leppings Lane end, there's a picture of him tipping the ball over the bar in full flight somewhere, maybe a Green Un photo, fantastic save & one of the best I've ever seen from any keeper...tragic that he passed on so young.
  4. Why would you be ashamed of Hull's empty seats...they either sell em or they don't, nowt to be ashamed of. People do what they wanna do, Hull don't need to be judged on how many seats they fill, no club does, it is what it is & that's it.
  5. Just remember him being a good player...left winger I think.
  6. Loved Gary Bannister...or was it Charlie Williamson, could never tell them apart, off the pitch anyway...on the pitch was obviously different. When Bannister missed two penalties away at Wolves, I often wondered whether or not Williamson had taken his place due to injury or summat, only thing I can think of as to why he missed two penalties. Then the train broke down on the way back...great night.
  7. Duchess Road Abbeydale Secondary King Ecgberts Shirecliffe College We were the first boys ever to attend King Ecgberts, we moved up from Abbeydale, up until then it'd been an all girls school, result was there were around three or four girls to every boy for that first year....I liked it.
  8. Bought my first Wednesday scarf from Suggs before it moved down the street, had to go to the top floor to get it...cost me nineteen & threepence which I'd saved up from a paper round....still have it, in good nick annall. Later when it moved down the street my now wife used to work there, great shop, some of the famous people she met in there include Tommy Cooper, Sherpa Tenzing, some bloke from the Carry On films, can't remember his name, Seb Coe & Steve Davis...she sold Davis a new pair of trainers, she got him to sign his old ones, which were like brand new which we still have, it was the year(1982)he lost to Tony Knowles 10-1 in the first round, after he'd won it the year before.....he wrote 'Steve Davis was here' on them, to which she replied, "not for long this year though eh", he took it in good spirit. Side note to the trainers...I wore them to play snooker in twice for my club team, lost both times...can only assume they are rubbish for playing snooker in...or summat like that.
  9. Worked at the Royal Vic for months upgrading fire doors etc, brilliant place, had some reyt laughs with the chambermaids, nothing too naughty mind, just good fun. I was at the top of one those fire escapes making an intricate pattern for a strange piece of glass in the door...took me about two hours to get it just right, I just finished it when a mate stuck his head round the door, grabbed it & skimmed it into the river below...I could have killed him, so yeah, if you happen to read this Dougie you're still a twwaatt...made him make another one though..lol. Oh yeah Dougie, still owe you for hiding my radio under the floor & letting me nail down all new floor boards, reyt good that one, I thought somebody had turned the sound down....Rod Stewart, Sailing, can you hear me, can you hear me....well no not very well from under the floor. Good job it's 40 odd years ago...
  10. Was often in Butlers, great place...Joe's cafe across the street & around the corner(opposite Jessops)was better though, at least his breakfasts were, lunchtime Butlers probably had the edge. When Joe's moved to Broomhall it wasn't quite as good but still OK, the working girls used have afternoon tea in there..lol....no one bothered them as they were on a break.
  11. First legal pint was in the Blackstock at Gleadless, felt different to all the others. My first ever pint I actually bought successfully was at the Netheredge Hall, then the Smithy Wood WMC, which we somehow became members of at 16, had some good nights in there, mostly watching The Discoes & the Sunday afternoon strippers.
  12. Absolutely spot on assessment of those clubs.
  13. Can only remember it as a battle ground for football hooligans...............it was a place for Owls & plenty tried to take it away.