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  1. Still need a period photo of this venue, which is the birth place of the Mk2 Human League in 1980. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crazy_Daisy_Nightclub
  2. The Human League will headline the opening of the new Carling Academy with a special gig on 20th April 2008 http://www.sheffieldacademy.co.uk/
  3. Here is a picture of that Plaque: I will be putting a copy on Wikipedia too.
  4. Oh and it is Jo's birthday on Tuesday She'll be 45
  5. I wasnt there but I heard that Phil slipped and fell badly running about on the wet stage, sending Susan into a fit of giggles.
  6. Joanne Catherall (born 18 September 1962 in Sheffield) is one of the two female singers of the synthpop band The Human League. From left: 1. 1981 age 18 2.1995 Official portrait 3. 2005 Tour photo 4. 2005 Tour photo
  7. Philip Oakey (born on 2 October 1955, in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England), Historical Photos: From Left: 1. 1981 with Joanne Catherall. 2. 1986 3. 1995 4. 2006 on tour
  8. Female singer of The Human League
  9. 30th ANNIVERSARY "DARE" TOUR For anyone who wants to see them live, The Human League are to mark their 30th Anniversary with a special "Dare Tour" in November/December 2007 where they will play their most successful album in its entirety. 20 Dates have now been anounced in UK and Europe including Sheffield on 07/12/07. This is likley to be one of their best tours ever and I would expect it to sell out very quickly so I advise booking early. Sheffield City Hall Friday 7th December 2007 See Entire Tour Listing
  10. (follow on post) Any chance of a good photo of that plaque. (Especially if it's closing)I know a lot of Human League Mk1(pre chicks) fans who would like a copy of that. Maybe it should be converted to a blue 'Heritage Department' disk. I think Black's on High Street (Ex Crazy Daisy) needs one too. eg "Pop Royalty Joanne Catherall and Susanne Sulley Danced here in 1980" he he
  11. Any chance of a good photo of that. I know a lot of Human League Mk1 (pre chicks) fans who would like a copy of that.
  12. For anyone without Cable/Sky here is a short (10 Min) clip of the above program now on youtube: The Nations Favorite Music City - Sheffield
  13. The Crazy Daisy is still famous to this day: here is a quick photo from 2 weeks ago. If you dont recognise them it's Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall of The Human League being filmed outside Blacks on High Street (Where the entrance to The Crazy Daisy once stood) telling the history of the Club and the story of their recruitment into the Human League 27 years ago, to VH1 for the program 'The Nations Favourite Music City'
  14. For those with Sky or Cable: Music Channel VH-1's experts will decide this weekend which UK city is the best for music in a 3 hour special program. The Nations Favourite Music City is on VH1 26th May 2007 from 7pm to 10pm. The Sheffield section is being presented by Joanne and Susan of The Human League, and they will be covering all the city's famous bands and music heritage from The Arctic Monkeys to Joe Cocker. Other cities in the running are Birmingham, Dublin, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow. It will be an interesting 3 hours, of course Sheffield will win Some of snaps of Jo and Sue taken during filming two weeks ago (with many thanks to David Beevers) Outside the site of 'The Crazy Daisy' nightclub on High Street (now Blacks) Filming outside The Grapes public house on Trippett Lane
  15. THL are key contenders for this years ' Sheffield Legend' Award. Which would be a nice honour from their home city on the 30th Aniversary this year. (Even if Joanne and Susan are relative newcomers with only 27 years in the Band). But thats up to the Lord Mayors commitee. Susan has recently confirmed that the Band are going to release a new album "in the near future". Something Philip was hinting at in December 06. An event that should make all the papers.