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  1. I know this is no longer there (the building) but does anybody know what the opening date would have been on this stone and what the apparent latin phrase said? File0071.bmp
  2. Here's a date you don't seem to have - 1864 Burngreave Vestry Hall
  3. This picture shows the view under that section of the bridge. I was told the bit in the middle was the original stone bridgework from the 15th century.
  4. PhilT

    Photos by Leonard Turner

    Len was born in 1923 and died in 1994. The majority of the photographs are from the 1970s
  5. My dad went up that same alley in 1976 - he wrote on the back of this photo "rear of the Old Green Dragon Hotel"
  6. Latterly a boxing gym, the Kangaroo works were demolished recently. I don't know what happened to the stone Kangaroo trade mark over the door, presumably the demolition team get to sell these kind of things to reclamation firms as part of the contract.
  7. That's not the Wellington I remember. Perhaps I have the wrong name. It was on Carlisle Road roughly opposite the bottom of Moss Street before they were all knocked down. My father was a regular there and he took the photograph.
  8. This is a photo taken in the sixties. I think it shows the landlord and his wife with a few other people outside a pub, probably the Wellington, on Carlisle Road.
  9. Harvey, The flats finish at No 82 and then there is a gap where the cars now drive through to park in the yard. Maybe Nos 84 & 86 were demolished to make way for the vehicle access.