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  1. Hi there, I happened on this site just by chance last week and, unlike others, I seemed to have little or no memories of my childhood in Addy Street or my time at Crookesmoor Junior School (I left in 1959). During the last week the "fog" has lifted a little and I am beginning to put a few faces to names mentioned so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for reminding me of people and places from all those years ago. However, I have to say that the biggest shock was to see that others remembered my name, if not me. Hopefully, this was because my parents ran the corner shop and not because I was truly awful but you don't have to answer that! My mum and dad were John and Winnie not Doug and Winnie but my dad's middle name was Douglas and I now seem to recall that people did sometimes call him Doug. As for the previous entry, I remembered the face of that little boy immediately but sadly not his name. Keep up the good work. Regards Chez.