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  1. Hello ... unrecordings ... and thank you so much for your investigations and solving the query. Firstly ... I am aware of large stone plaque outside the front door of WPH ... this carries the inscription DAVID MORRISON RESEARCH DEPARTMENT and was saved from the building, formerly in Wellesley Road, which was the forerunner of WPH. It was located opposite the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital. There are a number of pictures on Picture Sheffield. Thank goodness somebody had the foresight to save it. Secondly ... the information on the WPH Sculpture is superb and very comprehensive. Thank you again. I will add the details on my photographs of WPH on the GEOGRAPH Web Site ... which should make it easier to source if anybody else is as intrigued as I was. Cheers
  2. Hello ... there is a large sculpture on the front of the Weston Park Hospital. Does anybody know what the design is symbolic of ... who sculpted it ... and when. I have tried every source including the NHS History Group and Picture Sheffield but nobody seems to know. Cheers
  3. Hello ... A friend of a friend tells us that he used to travel to work, in Sheffield, on a 'one eyed Cyclops' tram. This would be back in the fifties I can't find any reference to these ... Any ideas or thoughts or pictures? Thanks in advance
  4. Excellent stuff ... Thank you. I post photographs on the Geograph site and like to add explanations where possible ... And I was out and about Burgoyne Street last weekend. Thanks again.
  5. Newish (again) to the site ... so apologies if this has been discussed before! I can't seem to find any reference as to who this person was.
  6. Hello ... At the junction of Lindon Road and The Common, in Ecclesfield - opposite Morrisons - is a small stream. Above the stream is a brick wall on which there are some Stone Scrolls. These look as though they have been 'saved' from another building and used to 'decorate' the wall. There is a Hairdressers next to the brick wall and on the opposite corner is a Sun Tanning Shop - which I believe was at some stage Ecclesfield's Pawn Shop Can anybody provde an explanation about the Stone Scrolls ? Thanks in anticipation
  7. Thanks for all the information and maps etc., ... all very interesting and useful. I have now been to photograph the one on Brook Hill, outside the Uni, and although it is similar to the one described on Picture Sheffield as being on Winter Street, it is different. The one on Brook Hill has the wording NETHER HALLAM on the left and SHEFFIELD TOWNSHIP on the right ... the (Winter Street) one on Picture Sheffield has the same wording but on the opposing faces. I guess there must have been a number of such stones and, naturally, the wording would have to match the actual location. Thanks again for all the help
  8. That is certainly the wording on the 'Picture Sheffield' photograph ... so I reckon it must be. It is much smaller than I imagined ... but then so many things are !!! As Stuart 0742 suggests ... I suspect it was moved when the University was developed. Brilliant stuff ... and thanks.
  9. Hello ... and apologies if this has been 'covered' before ... but, can anyody tell me where the Three Sided Boundary Stone is in Winter Street ... a picture of this is on Picture Sheffield. I've been up there today but can't see any sign of it. Thanks in anticipation ...
  10. Thanks for this ... certainly the right building ... was it Dial Motors ?
  11. Hello ... Can anybody remember what the Workshop type building in Malinda Street used to be ... it is painted in a Brown and Red stripes which would appear to be some sort of colour scheme. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hello ... Can anybody explain why the lodge house on the 'old Infirmary' site came to be known as the Ski Lodge ... there is a photo on Picture Sheffield showing this? Thanks in anticipation ...