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  1. Photo thanks to Steph Woods at the New Barrack Tavern
  2. Thanks for that. Not heard of them before. I'll give it a read later.
  3. Wolfe Road looks good. It has the house on the corner at an angle. It seems that the original building has gone, and has been replaced with a more modern on.
  4. First stab at the first one was Margetson Cres. off Wordsworth Avenue, but on looking at Streetview, I can see that it isn't. I would say that, by the look of the pebble-dash house next door, it's on a council estate of similar era. Maybe Southey, Longley, etc. Buchannon Road is a possible. Right size, number of windows etc. but the house next door is wrong. Buchannon Streetview Looking more closely, the house next door has had an extension to the roof. The hip is now a gable. So it's a maybe.
  5. Lots to look into there calvin. I only wish I could stay on here for more this site for long enough to look into them. I keep getting error messages every time i try to do something. Hopefully it will be ok soon.
  6. John Robinson, Royds Foundry Ltd, Ecclesfield Quite a few at Millhouses
  7. Petition signed. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the one adopted by the Stewart Road residents has had a new coat of paint.
  8. Well found Stuart. Was this a fact ? "......... the pedestrian - who has the first right to the road, let it not be forgotten ......." If it was, I wonder when that changed ?
  9. Here's just about all we could want to know about them. manchesterbeat.com
  10. Background info on "scattered homes". Wicki
  11. Here you are Dude. My cousin was researching Shingler as part of his research into a branch of his family and came up with this thread. He re-touched, and sent me, this copy of your photo to add to the forum. Hope it's ok for you.
  12. Bishop Hill, both maps from http://maps.nls.uk Apart from right up at the top opposite the Cemetery, There's nothing built on the left hand side up to these dates. Published 1909 Published 1924
  13. Was it this one ? It was a car sales pitch before it became a car wash. Google Streetview