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  1. So when this closed it must have merged with St. Aidan's on City Road as that was known as St. Aidan with St. Lukes.
  2. It's where the TB chest MMR (Mass Miniature Radiography) unit was.It was a mass screening program to control TB. The films taken were 100mmx100mm hence the miniature. When it closed the unit was moved to the Royal on West Street and housed at the back of the Outpatient Department. When the Royal closed it moved again to the Hallamshire Outpatient Department Floor 'A' A well travelled unit.
  3. If I remember it right, downstairs was split into three areas. Each area had it’s own jukebox. Sounds like Hell as it was called. One afternoon a young girl started flashing a knife around so we got out quick never went again.
  4. I remember going to a record shop opposite the end of Nursery St just on the Wicker side of Lady's Bridge. Problem is I cannot remember who ran it. Strange that as it's only 54 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Do we know when the above properties were built. They must have been before 1851 as after this date the windows could have been built in and no tax paid. I also wonder why they were never installed once the tax was removed. For that matter why was the wall not just built flat why simulate a window. jiginc
  6. The information from Wikipedia is as follows. The National Grid was not as developed as it is now and so the Corporation set out to generate the required current - the Corporation became the local domestic and industrial electricity supplier. A power station was built for Sheffield Corporation Tramways on Kelham Island by the river Don between Mowbray Street and Alma Street.[1] Feeder cables stretched from there to the extremities of the system, covering over 40 miles of route. I do wonder how they got round the line resistance may be it went out as AC and the boxes, mentioned above, using mercury rectifiers then fed the DC required to the overhead system. jiginc
  7. The other thing on the photo that you do not see today is the wooden guttering. I seem to remember in the 60's being told not to replace the wood with metal as this was not allowed. The reason being that due to the acid in the rain from the poor air quality in Sheffield metal would fail much faster than wood.
  8. Harry relaxed he looks almost happy!!!!!!
  9. jiginc

    Caravan ?

    It's the idiots who pull out in front of you thinking they will get held up and then drive at a speed slower than you were doing and hold every one else up. Go for it it's great but as said make sure your caravan matches the towing capabilities of your car.
  10. That looks like the right area. The entrance was through a large metal door and inside did not have any natural light as it was under ground. CTS = Casualty treatment centre For more information see here http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=11726&highlight=newton+chambers Many large works had extensive medical facilities although not underground. I remember at least two steel works in Scunthorpe and one in Middlesborough with X-Ray facilities. I am sure the steel works in Sheffield were equipped the same. They could have been a legacy of pre NHS times. jiginc
  11. I used to go to Newton Chambers works to a Medical centre to service a mobile XRay machine. early 60's could this be the same place. The box is a three phase switch unit. jiginc
  12. Run by the Bennett family as in Daren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova.
  13. He also says as the train enters Chesterfield that Robert Stephenson lived out his days in a cottage overlooking the railway. Some cottage Tapton House, it's a School now. But yes a great film. PS I did wonder why the train did not stop at any stations, must have been run just for the film!!