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  1. 1-1fair result. ????

  2. 1-1fair result. ????

  3. YES ! That's the guy - where did you get this photo - Is it you stevie
  4. Thanks for the link - how are things in portugal ? regards fusion45c
  5. Never Heard of Hed Kandi - but the Human League -Now that's a defferent story - (may go on the 20th April if i can get some tickets - to celebrate getting my main pc back working and online - only took 121 days - and microsoft said it wasn't possible - the sooner we all buy macs the better) - and the reason i didn't mention the carling academy was i did not think anybody would now be seen in a night club with a oap like me - i meam i love this site - mentioned crazy daisys - ledgends -(i knew the pub at hillsbrough's name seemed familar - and after two years I now know why - they mentioned josephines (but strangley no mention of the topless barmaids ? - it's true honest) and also it went try to get in to josephines if not cario jaxs - and if not there the roxy was spot on. Even an old dj name i have worked with is mentioned on the site - Know how do i sign up for the brewery trip help please - will be on line at 22:00 ;-)
  6. Nice to know you liked the look of the lights - I hope the eased you aching feet - Believe human league may be playing here in a few weeks will check out details - been in the building before for many events in the 80's saw chrissie hinde and the pretenders and the world disco dancing championships in the 80's - would have been there on opening night but went to wok mania instead as you well know!
  7. Stevie Splash was a generic name for all DJ's that used to work for him as well on his mobile disco operations -so quite a few sheffield djs would have / should have used the name - Iused to work for him as a mobile dj i would love to know what happened to him too. lol