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  1. Hello, I have been looking at your posting re residents of Paradise Square. I am researching our families ancestores and have found that in the 1901 census my wifes greta Grandfather George Walters was living in number 15 Paradise square, he was a Police Sargent and lived there with his wife Sarah & 8 children. Do you have any record other than the census?
  2. I am doing the family tree and found one of my ancestors was a Publican in 1851 (Top line of attached census). The address is 67 Shrewsbury Place back of 194 Talbot Street. Anyone advise what the pub was?
  3. Hi, Can anyone help me out. The first football match I every attended was at Bramall Lane with my Dad. I can't remember exactly what year it was but would have been mid-late 1950's. The game was a charity match between SU and an All Star team. Again all I can remember is that Mike & Bernie Winters and Tommy Steele were in the all star team. Can anyone tell me the year and who played for the All Star team? Yoadbear
  4. Derek, I used to live at No.9 Cross Addy Street with my sister Sharon and parents Dennis and Dorean. We were 3 doors away from you and 2 doors away from the Kirk's (Len & Anne). When we were kids I remember we used to play subbuttio competitions in your front room. I went with you to town and bought my first team (using you as advisor) from Sugg's, my dad went mad as they cost 1 shilling and 3 pennies!!! I was the one who had a crash on a push bike at the junction between Arthur Street and Springvale Road in 1964 racing Steve Naylor round the block. It left me in a coma for 5 days with a fractured skull and a brain Haemorrhage. Reading some of the posts I can shed some light on some of the people and places. I knocked about with Steven Nailor, Rodney Smith and Cecil Spencer. The Naylor's lived at the top of our 'yard' the kids were June, Les, Brian, Steven, Graham, Andrea and Joanne. The last I heard Steven moved to Australia. Unfortunately I heard that Brian died of cancer as did his dad Bob. I saw Graham working in a council craft centre for people with learning difficulties on Peter Street about 1980/81. Andréa lived with us on and off for many years while her mum and dad looked after Joanne who was in and out of hospital having her legs broken and reset to correct a twist. They were all a fabulous family. I don't know the final story but in about 1998/99 we were driving past the old Infirmary Hospital and we saw flowers and a slogan painted on the wall saying "Pigs killed Cecil Spencer". I made some enquiries and was told he was killed on a car chase with the police. I presume this was the same Cecil Spencer as it is not a common name. Someone mentioned Cheryl Goldthorpe, she was the daughter of the corner shop owners Doug and Winney (I think). On the other street corner it was Wards shop and Marriot’s transport and just down Springvale Road there was a newsagents called Don's. At the bottom junction of SAddy Street and Springvale road there was the Upperthorpe swimming baths, the wash house, Library, the Oxford Cinima and the chippy. A few other people you may remember were Andrew Wallace and Graham Cogin, they were my age (born 1952) and lived on Addy street near David Belk. Hope this fills some of the gaps and questions posted. I have added a photograph of myself and Sharon from way back then plus a photo of me a few years later and a photo of the 'Tip' we used to play on, mainly sliding down the banks on cardboard and making throwing arrows launched with string and playing footy on the ash pitch.