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  1. afternoons in cairos was cool mate,we had some funny times at christmas and we were always slightly drunk when we had to work at nite after the afternoon session,
  2. got sum photos mate just cant find my scanner !! think i threw it away when i had a clear out !!! il see what i can do matey
  3. slick


    various war locations/pictures,etc,etc
  4. ye mate got some of ray,marie,simon and one of the dancers cant remember her name one of me on the decks !!! il try and dig em out and upload em..
  5. slick

    neil james

    does anybody know where i can find dj neil james formily of cairo jax and legends and cavells......been trying to track him down anybody who knows where he his let us know cheers paul p.s if he asks who it is just say i used to work with him at cairos!!!! ta.
  6. i used to be a lighting jock in cairos i worked with and got drunk with neil james and raggy tash my names paul but i was called slick most of the time and i worked up to the end of cairos. id love to get in touch with neil again so if anybody knows where he is let us know or is that u mister admin??????? and wheres my name on the radio 1 tour i was the lighting jock then !! and i did some djaying too neil in silks and in the club!!! i never get any recognition !!!!!! if thats is you neil get in touch mate and i think u 4got the other djays didnt ya.....lee curtis... paul jay... and ray camanche remember them.... cheers paul