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  1. Thanks Heartshome for the interesting update,I just did a google for the cafe, to see the latest photos, I see its still a Hut shape(Original structure),and they still have a ice cream window.
  2. Does anybody remember the little cafe before you went up to the dam, as a kid I remember buying ice creams there, and also playing the penny slot machines outside the cafe, they were the vertical bagatelle type. This would have been the late 50s early 60s.
  3. Growing up on Shiregreen I remember 2 pubs which had off licence "shops" "The Penquin" and "The Horse shoe" they both had shop windows with displays of Bottles, I remember the horse shoe having empty Bottles of Gordons Gin on display, it had different flavours, orange and lemon I think, also the one at the Penquin people used to take empty bottles in to be filled with draught beer, this was about 1963/64.
  4. In the late 60s when I worked at Arthur Lees Trubrite works at Wincobank on the stainless rolling, on afternoon shift 2-10 on leaving we would all go straight into the engineers pub,on the corner of ecclesfield road for a pint or two before last orders at 10-30, but I was told that some chaps who worked in the annealing shop(which was hot) used to pop out for a pint during their shift.
  5. I remember that second building on the left, I went for a interview there in 1965, it was a company called Hancock and Lant,it was a carpet warehouse, and it still is by the look of the Advert on the approach road.
  6. As a young un I remember on a Saturday we used to go to my Grandmas, and she used to cook a MASSIVE square yorkshire pudding in her Yorkshire range oven, then she would cut it into smaller squares and I recall having it with gravy, but also the thing I remember the most was having it with Golden syrup for afters,sometimes we also had sugar/Jam on it. Heaven on a plate.
  7. I remember delivering the beer to the Bell Hagg when it was Whitbreads, The trap door was near the Pub entrance, and what a drop it was!!!! I would estimate it was about a 45 feet drop from cellar door to the bottom. One of the draylads once tried "bagging" a 18gall aluminium barrel and it split on the weld,"his mate said you should have seen the froth, he was covered" I personally always ropped them down, anchoring the rope to the ring, cemented into the path near the entrance. Some of the Old draymen who worked for Tennant brothers said they had Delivered Hogsheads(56gall) there. The biggest I ropped down was (36gall) Whitbreads bitter. I must say in the photos,the Building does look in a sorry state. Steve
  8. Hi Barbara, You might not remember me, but I was on of the Lads who worked at Whitbreads,Shepcote lane, and we used to come in the Enfield at dinnertimes about 1974ish, I went on to work on the Drays, and I deliverd to you at the cannon hall, also when you had the Belvedere in Rotherham, I always seem to remember Pete used to do a lot of outside bars, he used to say,drop us these barrels at the local village hall or other places,i can't remember where,its a long time ago, I worked with a chap called Len on the Drays,he had blond hair,mine was ginger(now grey) ,Anyway hope you are keeping well, Best Regards Steve (Ex Whitbreads driver)
  9. Hi fellow sheffielders Thanks for all those great photos,I too spent a lot of time as a child around the Firth park area, I went to Shiregreen School on Bracken road, and spent many a happy dinner time "chipping it" at Firth park,also I remember the Cycle shop "John Allens" I can still smell the new cycle tyres which hit you when you went inside the door, and also buying lots of different Transfers to customise our Bikes. One of my school pals Dads had the Barbers shop just below Kenyons it was called Sykes, my school pals name was Alan Sykes, I also remember buying some Beatles records in the basement record department of the Electrical shop the other side of the roundabout, it's now a Tanning center on Google street view. Thanks to you all for some great memories on this site,I hope I have jogged a few. Regards Steve :)
  10. Thanks for that Stuart, I had'nt seen that topic, by the way,do you know if the New Foundry workers Club is still open, it was nr the Parkway on the right going out of town,just before POW road.
  11. Yes I remember Harold,I deliverd to The Low Drop when I was a Drayman at Whitbreads,Harold always gave us a pint after we had sorted his cellar,but he always said "don't forget to credit me with those lemonade you broke", we never broke any,but he must have thought it was a trade off for our pint!!!.I'm not sure what the office made of Harolds invoices, as most of the Draymen said the same thing happened at every Delivery!!!!, Does anyone remember the Old "Foundry Workers WMC" it was just before you got to the lowdrop coming from attercliffe rd ,it was later turned into a Carribean Club.
  12. "The Sicey" Sorry its no longer there, that Pub played a big part in my life, where do I start? Well when I was in my early teens about 1963 ,my Mum worked at Gibbons fish and chip shop on Nethershire lane shops, most nights when she got home, she would always have a story to tell about the nights events. One particular night Mum came home smiling saying, "guess who's eating Gibbons fish and chips tonight?" who I said ,Mum replied "Morecambe and Wise" I was amazed!! Apparentley the Landlord of the Sicey Hotel was a regular customer of mums, and he was also a Agent for Entertainers, and on occasions his artists would stay overnight at the Sicey, this particular night he was on his way home from the Greasboro WMC, he rushed into the shop for fish and chips 3 times,he said can you be quick Peggy as I've got"Morecambe and Wise"waiting in the Car , Mum thought he was fibbing, but she said they waved from the car when he set off. Well Mum said one was wearing glasses and the other was short, anyway its one of those stories that has stuck with me all these years. The Sicey came into my life again 2 years later, when my Grandma got remarried,I went to the reception at the Sicey, there my uncle Edgar who arrived in his 3 wheeled motorised invalid car(he had a wooden leg) , proceeded to get blotto, and had to be physically restrained from driving home in his 3 wheeler . The "Sicey" surfaced again quite a few times later in my life, this time it was in the 70s/80s, I ended up Delivering the Beer, when I worked for Whitbreads as a Drayman. I saw a few Landlords over the years, but only one name stands out, Pete Gleadhall I can't remember the year , but I remember he went from the Sicey to the "Plough" at "Low Bradfield". Well hope I haven't bored you all, best regards Steve
  13. Yes I remember the Boating Lake at Firth Park in the Late 1950s, my Dad used to take me down there to Test the Model Boats he used to Build, he made a plywood model of a Cabin Cruiser powered by a small electric motor, we used to set it going across, and walk around to meet it, I don't remember it ever getting stuck in the middle though Also the Building with the Tower used to sell Ice creams and Pop in the Summer, and the other part of the Building, I think was used by the St Johns Ambulance Brigade. :)
  14. "A.E.S (Associated Engineering Sales)", it became Hartley Seeds Books, on West street, not sure whats there now? "Express Typewriters" on Division Steet. it was across the road from the Blood Donor Building.