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  1. Me and a friend booked tickets to see the Groundhogs but they cancelled So we decided to see another band that was new in the charts instead, Called Queen at the city hall. That was about 73,74. We were down the front. Great concert. Wish I d kept the tickets. The support band was called Hustler .Bought a single of thiers .Wonder what happened to them. We all know what happened to Queen. I have all thier music on Vinyl.
  2. I always thought the Stannington chippie was good ,Me and friends used to hang out there a fair bit in the younger days . Loved the scraps.
  3. Hi people in sheffield. I m living in Perth Australia.I was mucking around on the internet and thought I d write McCloskey,s,apocalypse. I couldn t believe something came up. I was only 17 [under age] when a few of us used to go to the Minerva. It was a great night.I relate to the shouting over the bar.The main song I remember was last orders please they used to sing.We used to go very often.Then 5 or 6 of us use to pile into a reliant to get home.Those were the days. What did happen to them I wonder?