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  1. oooh this has brought back some really odd memories. does anyone remember mint cracknel it was a chocolate bar but with sort of like minty crispy bits my nan used to buy it us every time she came to visit. we also used to have to walk to barnards at the manor top to get my dad some rileys toffe rolls they were lovely so we never minded what the weather was like . I also remeber bulls eyes,creamline toffee,and we used to have a little cloth bag with little bitsof sugar coated bubbly in it but cant remember what it was called!!!! barnards was an absloute kids dream for sweets but you dont seem to see many shops now selling sweets out of a jar they are all prepacked which is a shame. storks on mansfield road was another good one to visit for two ounces of floral gums and cherry lips ha ha wow and old joes where the 95 bus terminus used to be on birley moor road.
  2. I was at the same two schools jarvis attended although i'm a couple of years younger than him. I'm wondering if he remembers his days as a prefect at intake school and our wonderful teachers that we had e.g mrs barrett and headmaster mr wheeler whom i may add is still actually in charge of the school. I can also remember the day that arabacus pulp gave a concert at city school. Looking on this site has jogged quite a few memories its great
  3. B) As a young girl my dad used to take me to most home matches on the kop and the atmosphere was absolutely unforgettable there were that many packed in there you never felt the cold ,rain,sleet,snow etc what good fun especially when a goal was scored you either jumped along with the rest of the crowd or got ya toes stood on . I recently took my son to a match on the kop but he wasnt impressed at having to sit down and much prefered to be further round the corner near the back where he can stand up