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  1. got a few pics here for you to look at.
  2. My sincerest apologies for not coming back sooner, I did take the pics then totally forgot about putting them online, I'll get my old phone out and put them up in the next couple of days.
  3. some beautiful pictures of the flats in here, it really brings back good memories, thank you for the link
  4. A lot of the flats have already been torn down but i'll go take some pics of what is still there and post them for you
  5. Yes i remember when we had a whole bunch of new buses, i didnt have a clue there was a shortage until reading this link as i was only young ;-)
  6. I absolutely love this pic, thanks for posting, its great looking back in time, it always gets my mind wondering where i was and what i was doing when this pic was taken, who knows i may have even been on one of those buses .
  7. Im sure some of you will recognise this pic? not sure where my parents got this from but it hasn't changed much in over 100 years!
  8. does anyone remember an ad which said 'Look for the flying K' or something along those lines, i was only about 4 at the time but i remember asking a girl at school called Kay if she was the flying K..............and said no :-( lol
  9. Many thanks for posting that pic tsave, its brought back so many good memories, particularly where i swam my first 25 yards .
  10. i can only remember there ever being 2 pools, I never knew they had a sauna there though and i used to go there every week without fail as a youngster! if anyone has any more pics please post.
  11. I have been reminded of so many good memories of Sheaf Valley Baths, im absolutely gutted they are not still around today, the main things i remember are the smell as soon as you walked into the building, i loved it! and the seedy blue lighting at the enterance of the mens changing rooms and the pink for the ladies! I only ever went off the top splash once and was never able to do it again, i remember one particular occasion i spent the whole swimming session trying to jump off and just couldnt do it! I also remember the kiddy pool tasting a little salty which we put down to the babies using it as a toilet! Those were the days!!
  12. Here are some pics for those of you who remember our beloved broomhall flats, and those of you who are just curious as to how they looked. Enjoy.