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  1. John Cooper, scissorsmith in 1691 - help, please!

    Here, slow to load, https://app.box.com/s/v8n1pp9g6z7kxb2652h4hc7jc0qvub36
  2. Douglas Road, Charlie Watson's shop on the corner, number 1 the chip shop next to the bridge, and the train sheds on the left. I like the car chase, it goes up a dead end Beatrice Place with a twenty foot wall at the end, and comes down Vale Road another dead end.
  3. On the left is Furnee's wool shop.
  4. Demolition of Sheffield

    One here Tommy Wilson on the left Aaron White's grandson-worker Joe on right and the one in the lorry John another of Aaron's grandsons
  5. Demolition of Sheffield

    Found him Ron Sanderson, Don't know if the pics are in there.
  6. Demolition of Sheffield

    Found this one on Pinterest may be you could chase it from there, I think the photographers name was Ron as in the link but I can't remember his second name. https://i.pinimg.com/236x/0d/ba/e5/0dbae55a9d034295e28813c46e1927a5--sheffield-ron.jpg
  7. Demolition of Sheffield

    It was the Oddfellows at Duke Street/Talbot Street, the photo's were under copyright so I don't know how I'd go on.
  8. Demolition of Sheffield

    There was a fella used to come round the sites taking photo's, looks like he may have died and someone was selling his pic's on the net a couple of years back, I screen captured a couple of his at the demolition of The Oddfellowes, starring me fat Alan and three of the White's. Me and workmate Arthur tipping hardcore on the gas works tip Parkwood Road
  9. Demolition of Sheffield

    Last time I saw Terry he was working a digger near Hillsborough Park on the underground flood defense, 6ft 6ins and mild mannered.
  10. Demolition of Sheffield

    Always known on the demo same as my user name on here.
  11. Demolition of Sheffield

    Worker through the 70's for Wilsons, two brothers I remember worked for your parents, your dad will know who I mean, fat Alan your dad had him spinning on the tup ball and Barrie, cut his arm bad when they were demolishing Lockwood & Edwards on Penistone Road, both now deceased. Vaguely remember the names Joe Crothers and Johnny Bradshaw, was Terry the one into American cars had a brother working for White's. I seem to remember your mom driving a bomber car at Brampton racetrack.
  12. Demolition of Sheffield

    J. White TDE was James White Aaron White's son. J.V. Wilson Demolition was Aaron White's daughter( Madge),Marjorie. The bricks that built the little mesters shop at Kelham came from Minto Road
  13. I knew your parents I worked on the demolition, the firm I was with worked alongside Archie pulling an old bank down bottom of the Moor we worked through the night, we were demolishing the nearby properties.
  14. This one off the net, http://www.closedpubs.co.uk/yorkshire/sheffield_s3_parkwood.html Hope Archie is well.
  15. What was the premises ?

    Possible motherinlaw to his first wife?