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  1. Sheffield history site in Canada

    Sheffield Indexers is I believe based in Canada http://www.sheffieldindexers.com/
  2. Jew Lane (Fitzalan Sq)

    My take on the word Jehu is the simple one of Gee up.
  3. What do we know about this place?

    The butchers on the other side of the road had a very nice tiled wall, and the Hereford Arms had some good coinage under the bar.
  4. Look how much Sheffield has changed!

    Square box city comes to mind.
  5. Laundry

    Presume so, No. 26 Barmouth Road -Joseph Plant, builder- Snowite Limited, laundry --1925
  6. You have to join Facebook to see it unfortunately.
  7. Can you identify this Sheffield street?

    Have we been down this road before on here? No slope on the skyline so not Neepsend.
  8. Alfredos, Snig Hill

    Sure I remember him moving from Scotts, went in a few times under the Swan.
  9. Esther Edley

    This from Wiki, British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act 1914[edit] This legislation came into force on 1 January 1915 as 4&5 Geo. c.17.[3] British subject status was acquired as follows: birth within His Majesty's dominions naturalisation in the United Kingdom or a part of His Majesty's dominions which had adopted Imperial naturalisation criteria descent through the legitimate male line (child born outside His Majesty's dominions to a British subject father). This was limited to one generation although further legislation in 1922 allowed subsequent generations born overseas to be registered as British subjects within one year of birth. foreign women who married British subject men former British subjects who had lost British subject status on marriage or through a parent's loss of status could resume it in specific circumstances (e.g. if a woman became widowed, or children immediately upon turning 21). British subject status was normally lost by: naturalisation in a foreign state, such as the United States of America or France in the case of a woman, upon marriage to a foreign man. Prior to 1933, British subject status was lost even if the woman did not acquire her husband's nationality. a child of a father who lost British subject status, provided the child also had the father's new nationality. renunciation.
  10. Esther Edley

    1881 census, details from Ancestry. VIEW View blank form Add Alternative Information Report issue Name:Esther Edley Age:26 Estimated birth year:abt 1855 Relationship to Head:Wife Spouse:William Edley Gender:Female Where born:Rochester, United States Civil Parish:Ecclesall Bierlow County/Island:Yorkshire Country:England Street address:108 Hill St Marital Status:Married Education: Employment status: Subscribe now to see this information. Occupation:Hair Dresser Registration district:Ecclesall Bierlow ED, institution, or vessel:41 Neighbors:View others on page Piece:4637 Folio:21 Page Number:36 Household Members: NameAge William Edley30 Esther Edley26 William Edley1 Ada Edley5 Grace Edley3 William Edley70 Charlotte Edley72
  11. MACES Pet Shop.

    1911, John Mace, bird specialist and naturalist 76 Blonk Street house 24 Royal Exchange Buildings, Lady's Bridge.
  12. Sheffield Tailors

    Gerald Holden, used to have a shop at Walkley 1980's.
  13. Diseases in 1920's

    The wife's grandfather died from Scarlet fever 1923, age 38.
  14. 1891 -4ct3h Dun St- 4- 88 -3816 Clark Jno head M 38 general laborer NTT Carlton Clark Annie wife M 35 scissor burnisher YKS Sheffield Clark Sam son 4m YKS Sheffield Clark Matthew son 2 YKS Sheffield Clark Bertha dau 4 YKS Pontefract Clark Willie son 7 scholar YKS Pontefract Clark Jno son 12 scholar YKS Pontefract Clark Eliz dau S 16 general servant YKS Sheffield Clark Herbert son S 14 hairdresser apprentice YKS Sheffield