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  1. neddy

    Greyhound Stadium

    I went to Hyde Park a couple of times, and once to Darnall with a dog owner, his dog was called Bust.
  2. I remember a few holes, one in the area of Lyons Street was a pit shaft covered with a large concrete slab,pushed aside by the dozer driver, luckily he stopped in time it would have swallowed him, another at Woodhouse we had nearly finished the job and were tidying up, there was a piece of flagstone in the middle of the site and as I lifted it there was a 12 foot wide cistern underneath about ten foot deep shaped like a bell, another at Commonside was a domestic well in a backyard about 20 foot deep with a hollowed out log down the middle.
  3. neddy

    Kelly's Directories

    1948 shows Stanwood Avenue and Stanwood Crescent.
  4. neddy

    sheffield desk ornament

    Depending on how little, a possible Netsuke, holes for a string.
  5. neddy

    Made in Sheffield

    Corn on the cob holders?
  6. neddy

    company in Attercliffe

    1948- 274 Attercliffe Road- George Slater Ltd.-metal brkrs. (breakers) George Slater scrap iron merchant (George Slater Ltd ) Spring Leigh, Rundle Road T.N. 50355
  7. neddy

    The Penny Farthing

    Is that Terry Steeples (black swan) in the middle of the pic.
  8. neddy

    Street name help please

    possible link ? Emma Woodhead -robinson Eliza Robinson wife of Joseph.
  9. neddy

    Street name help please

    the Open bit could be that he died in Bridge Street but not at a address.
  10. neddy

    Street name help please

    burial St Mary Bramall Lane ALLEN Joseph 16 Jun 1869 Bridge St 37
  11. neddy

    Hyde park/park hill flats.

    One man in three years according to the Retro, https://www.thestar.co.uk/retro/retro-sheffield-s-royal-visitor-opens-city-flats-1-7151341
  12. I did hear some time ago that Stan Laurel had some family connection to the Parkwood Hotel and a possible visit.
  13. neddy

    Anlaby Street

    George Thorpe ( a local )had the coal drops for a time in the 70's making and repairing pallets, and I was told the Simcox's (local ) built the industrial units on top after Fieldhouse Brothers had used it as a tip. My memories of Anlaby Street as a kid were painful, as I was making my way along the bottom of the Don wall, somebody decided ( my auntie as it turned out ) decided to empty her teapot over the wall of Brough Street and the contents landed on me, still hot.
  14. neddy