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  1. Blacksmiths at Meadowhead?

    John Codd-350 Chesterfield Road 1905 -joiner & wheelwright 916 Chesterfield Road 1911
  2. A wright &sons.bone scaled knife

    Most of mine are well used, collected more for their wear and tear and history of makers.
  3. Try here, http://www.rlcarchive.org/FreeKingsRegsSrch
  4. Gray, George (, Victualler Norfolk Hotel). Address: Handsworth, in 1871. Recorded in: Whites Sheffield & District Directory - 1871. Mary Elizabeth Gray 1901 George's second wife 1911 George Wilby-vict Norfolk Hotel to 1922-dies Near to Finchwell and The Hall
  5. A wright &sons.bone scaled knife

    I have the modern version of your knife, http://www.penknives-and-scissors.co.uk/acatalog/Pen_and_pocket_knives.html
  6. Pretty close, http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=19&lat=53.3900&lon=-1.4695&layers=6&right=BingHyb
  7. 11-13 Pitsmoor Road -Mrs. Mary Hutchinson -fried fish dealer.
  8. I believe the Duke of Norfolks estate office was at Norfolk Row- Norrow estate agents.
  9. Bridge houses goods yard, Brown Cow.
  10. Pretty close mid 80's
  11. What do you remember about this Sheffield place?

    Brings back memories of an old friend now gone, selling homing pigeons to Ogleys, then selling them the same pigeons the week or so after, was it Bill Ogley tallish bloke brown overall.
  12. The Cambridge on Penistone Road

    It was a beerhouse, bit old fashioned, toilets down the yard, called in a few times after visiting the New Barrack and the Rose. Cambridge caravan site used to be round the back.
  13. How much of this is left?

    Presume you mean the coal drops to the gas works, they certainly did have a coking plant. https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW015486
  14. How much of this is left?

    Douglas Road -junction of Mount Road - the only thing left standing would be the dark building far left 2 thirds up, which I would think is the gas works stores Neepsend Lane now Le-Pla.
  15. Help needed with this old Sheffield shop

    164 Eyre Street -1911- W.H.Taylor & son -cabinet makers