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  1. This site to find out mothers names,and age at death for early records, takes a bit of getting used to, https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/Login.asp
  2. Cherry Tree Yard , 178 Gibralter Street to Russell Street
  3. I'd go with that, Fowler street and surroundings are on there, I do have the map /street guide but it's 36 scans long, first page,
  4. Whilst on the subject of maps, don't know the year,
  5. I feel like i'm fixin to die, --probably were if you were in the queue for the bar. https://www.songfacts.com/facts/country-joe-the-fish/i-feel-like-im-fixin-to-die-rag
  6. Maybe, Rhoda Champion 1895 her mothers maiden name Annis Beal her father Charles Henry Champion 1866 his father Isaac Champion 1831 to Ann Selwood and Henry, Isaac moved from Pitsmoor Sheffield to Stocksbridge.
  7. Certainly seems to match up.
  8. Also had a son Steven he was on posh pawn at one time.
  9. Correct junction of Bedford Street and Penistone Road, Weeds shop next door.
  10. William Stones Ltd, registered on The Stock Exchange 31 July 1895.
  11. Talbot Hoyle Street Albert and Sheila Crown Neepsend Arnie and Kitty Neepsend Tavern Joe and Alice
  12. No idea on the age of the map no date shown in the date box it was 1970's when we did the work at Meynell we took the small buildings down. It measures roughly 3ft by 4ft rather fragile but still readable.
  13. I have a map of Parson Cross taken from when we demolished part of Meynell School, bit battered and torn, it was from the dept of planning and design, scale of 1:2500 and shows house numbers.