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  1. Many, many thanks for the info Hugh..................................new puzzle.......who was Elizabeth???? was she Alfred's common law wife????? or his daughter from a subsequent relationship????? Alfred has a sister Elizabeth but she was born in 1874 and she married a Arthur Wheen, so wrong surname and she would have been 103/4 old in 1977/8 ............has anyone any ideas how to find out who she was? As far as I know Alfred and my Grandmother Mary did not divorce, and Mary kept the Godbehere surname until she died in 1976. If I presume that this Elizabeth died in 1977/79 and I found the death and sent off for the death cert, would it show her maiden name (if they had married) or her 'proper name' if she was just known as Godbehere? many thanks for all the help again Jan
  2. Trying to find out who lived at 19 Fairthorn Road, Sheffield in 1957, my grandfather Alfred Godbehere died at this adress 8th Sept 1957, informant on death cert was E. Godbehere (present at death). As I have no idea who E Godbehere was, trying to find out who else lived at that adress. many thanks Jan