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  1. In the kids bedroom they had an SWFC team phot or something wednesday related(cant remember exactly, havent seen it in a long time). 'You got a trial, fo' yoonited?' that bit always made me cringe. Worse Sheff accent ever.
  2. I used to work in the fuel depot there. Best job i ever had, wrong time for the industry though. Have some pics but dont have a scanner.
  3. Its Groop Dogdrill btw.. also spun off to form 3 Stages of Pain Future Ex Wife The Black Spiders also Honeytrippers Strongheart(Americans who resided here for about 10 years)
  4. My memories are a bit later when Herbie Armstrong used to run the place as the Boardwalk. Nicest and most interesting venue in SHeffield. Every band that played there signed the roof and Herbies 'Ad-lib' nights were unbelievable. Legend
  5. Have to say I spent many a friday night in Cairos, i remember the crazy old guy shuflling his feet like he had crap on his shoes or something...sorry : ) It was working class but the emphasis on class more than the Poxy. I think its most famous thing was the little posing dancefloor that showed movies towards the latter part of the 80s i think. Dancing and watching the Blues Brothers or something. I remember at 1:45 it was always the time to pull, guys would suss out the dancefloor for single girls to grab when Mick Hucknall started to do his ginger thing. Fave nightclub in town without a doubt. Was strange to come back to SHeffield the odd time and go see rock bands play in there. Wheres the Corpo moved to btw? I still picture it there. Happy days. Crap tunes!(now)
  6. I live in Dublin, i got a job a few years back on the outskirts at Dell. They have a free bus from the train station run by a private company. Anyway one of there buses is a prope Volvo Ailsa, its was like going back in time for the 20 min journey. First three seats upstairs on left where single, you know what i mean.
  7. I still have a coupla tapes from SCR days. I remember everything was 'white label'. The adverts for Raves were funny.
  8. Nope Wimpy was across from that shop that sells 2nd hand mobiles etc. Last block of shops on Pinstone st at bottom of Cambridge st. You used to have to pay at the exit after you'd eaten, once we got to the counter and no one was there so we just walked out and legged it up Cambridge sT and hid in Coles. Was only about 11 or 12 i think.
  9. Oh yeah the pub that Jimmy and his g/f are in is the Nottingham house near broomhill.
  10. The bit where the army have the food locked up and people are trying to get in is the Tennis club on Devonshire road in Dore i believe. This film still scares the cr@p out of me.