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  1. You've certainly brought back some memories. I think there were about ten terraced houses opposite the prefabs, all which had a common yard to the rear containing the outside toilets. We used to get off the bus in Pond Street and walk up via some steps above the tunnel at the north end of the Midland station. I remember croosing Duke Street ( where there was a great chippy) and then ascending even more steps until reaching a road leading up to the prefabs. I think that down the hill from the prefabs was St. John's church and a road led from the side of the terraced houses to the top end of Wybourn. My dad told me that there were some MASSIVE anti-aircraft guns mounted on Sky Edge during the war but my main memory is that of the stench from the piggeries up the road.
  2. Was Sky Edge Avenue the road that led up to the pig farm on Sky Edge? .I don't have any photos but my aunt lived in the terraced houses opposite some pre - fabs -her family name was Brown - there was a corner shop nearby called, I think, 'Cissies'.
  3. I think the first chinese was the one near Highfields library at the top of London Road.
  4. I worked in the supply department in 1967. There was a well stocked library in the grounds for the use of staff and patients and a butchers shop in the hospital where fresh meat was prepared for patients and staff. Many of the patients were free wander the grounds and some of them used to go for a pint in the Middlewood Tavern. One ward,I think is was ward 4 but could be wrong ,was where the more dangerous patients resided. We often used to hear screams and shouts reverberating through the admin building from this ward.
  5. Thank's for that. I've seen somewhere an old photo of two shire horses pulling a wagon out of the double gate entranc to the old Wicker goods yard. Anyone know where it was published?
  6. Towards the end of steam the Sheffield sheds were as follows; code 41A Darnall ( Shed still standing I think0 code 41B Grimesthorpe ( closed Sep 1961 -situated at the jct of Newhall Road & Brightside Lane. code 41C Millhouses ( closed Jan 1962 - still standing -became part of Jacobs Guylee on Archer Road) code 41D Canklow ( closed 1966? -situated on White Hill Lane Canklow
  7. Remember a letter in The Star complaining that the 'new monstrosity' could actually be seen from Ringinglow.
  8. I don't remember the horses at Bridhehouses but I believe the last railway horse in Britain was retired in the 1960s
  9. A friend of mine used to live on Franklin Street. At the town end there was a barbers shop kept by a gentleman called Horace who later moved to a shop in Woodseats. ( Top of The Dale I think) Franklin Street was demolished around 1964/5 and most of the residents moved to the Norfolk Park estate.
  10. Peter & Paul Metcalfe, Ann Glossop, Michael Jackson and few others ran the Ark for the benefit of St. Nathaniels Church. Peter, Paul , Ann & Neville Johnson were members of the Church Boys and Church Girls Brigade based there. The vicar was Father Bryan and Lucy & Brenda Bryan were his twin daughters.