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  1. oh yes remember it well used to buy patchuli oil from there! also first time i ever saw a vibrator me and friends used to point and snigger.
  2. omg just had a flash back stars and striped painted speedway bike in the shop?
  3. I remember lewis leathers bought my first ever biker jacket from there was quality too and yes in thew place you said memories come flooding back.
  4. BURGON AND BALL - CUTTING AND HAND TOOL SPECIALISTS SINCE 1730 Souvenir programme from a visit by customers in the 1890s History The origins of Burgon & Ball can be traced back to 1730 to the manufacture of shears, scissors and knives in a factory overlooking the Don Valley. The business prospered and by 1873 we had moved to our present site and built La Plata Works at Malin Bridge in the West of Sheffield. The site had been cleared following the devastating Great Sheffield Flood of 1864 when the Dale Dyke Reservoir burst. The Works border the River Loxley which for much of the 20th century provided the power for production. La Plata Works today In the 1880’s the Ball family was bought out of the company but their name has lived on as part of the company name. It was at this time that the company’s production of patented design sheep shears rocketed, with sales in one year topping 300,000 pairs. Records show substantial exports to South America, North America, Australia, West Indies and New Zealand. The development of a sheep shearing machine soon followed along with heavy investment in the business to develop markets around the world. From a Burgon & Ball catalogue – early 1900’s The legendary Daisy Shearing Machine took the shearing world by storm in the 1890’s and continued to do so until it was replaced by the Dreadnought in 1912 and later still by the Burgon. Extract from the 1922 catalogue showing just a few of the hoe patterns Over the years business gradually switched to include garden shear production. Burgon & Ball were also involved in manufacturing bicycle wheels and tyres as well as cars – records show at least 10 La Plata cars being made at the start of the 20th century. Burgon & Ball workforce in the 1930’s – photographed outside the nearby Malin Bridge Inn! By 1920 garden shear production had outstripped that of sheep shears and the company was becoming more versatile. A catalogue from 1922 includes just about every conceivable tool – including over 96 different patterns of Hoe alone! Poster from early 20th century The basic pattern of sheep shears has changed very little over the last hundred years and neither has the method of manufacture. To this day, Burgon & Ball are still the largest and best manufacturer of sheep shears in the world, still exporting throughout the world – from the Faroe Islands to the Falkland Islands, from Australia to Argentina. The smallest union in the UK, the Union of Sheep Shear Makers, comprises only employees of Burgon & Ball. 1970’s catalogue With our age old experience in cutting edge tools, passed down over the generations, Burgon & Ball have a significant advantage over our competitors when designing & producing garden tools. Our invaluable experience has contributed to the ongoing & lasting success of our range.
  5. how many browny points do I get for taking the picture hahaha oh and by the way I know where it is he he
  6. William de Lovetot, lord of Hallamshire was a Norman baron from Huntingdonshire, often credited as the founder of Sheffield, England. It is unknown when De Lovetot acquired an interest in the manor of Hallamshire, but by the early 12th century (in the reign of Henry I) he was in possession of Hallam, Attercliffe, Sheffield, Grimesthorpe, Greasbrough and Worksop. He also had interests in Handsworth, Treeton, and Whiston. He founded a priory at Worksop c.1103 and may have founded the parish church in Sheffield at around this time. Lovetot is credited with the building of a motte and bailey castle in Sheffield. Along with the castle a hospital was established at what is still called "Spital Hill", a mill was built beside the River Don, and a bridge called Lady's Bridge was constructed where there had previously only been a ford across the river. Little is known of Sheffield prior to Lovetot, but these developments established Sheffield as the main town in Hallamshire. Following the death of William de Lovetot the manor of Hallamshire passed to his son Richard de Lovetot and then his son William de Lovetot before being passed to Gerard de Furnival by his marriage to Maud de Lovetot in about 1204.
  7. yes they had no paper so he drew it on a popadom!! haha no but that is a true story (allegedly) there is some info in the doorway to the indian resteraunt regarding it.
  8. can I just add that sunday the 6th of may is the last day of the championship leauge and sheffield wednesday are at home that day.
  9. ok I presume you have a scanner? if so scan the picture save it to a file etc (and remember where you saved it ) Then you will have to go to a website called photobucket just click there. create an account its free and easy. once you have done that you upload pictures from your pc to the site. once you have done that the pictures will be stored in "your album" from here you can copy and paste the web url into the add pictures tab in a text box. confused? if all else fails pm me and I will send you my email adress for you to send me the pic whicj I will upload for you cheers
  10. meanwhile here it is finally a photo of redgates........ please excuse the very very bad photoshopping he he
  11. what is the name of the book? it should have the photographers name somewhere in it? If we have this then posting the pictures shouldnt be a problem as we can credit the photos to the photographer.
  12. try pm-ing deejayone I think hes a bit of an expert in this sort of thing.
  13. sorry if ive missed it but couldnt find a thread relating to correct me if im wrong sheffields oldest pub? a few pics I took this morning.,
  14. also going on is a book signing at the embassy mansfield road , monday 23rd april there is a band (electric zoo) on and disco also guest appearances from ex wednesday players. tickets are £3 which is refunded against purchase of the book! please note these are from the wednesday side of the book and the blades are arranging there own gatherings. verything is on track to launch on the 23rd, the burguoyne lined up for a pre-launch on the 21st before and after coventry game, trick shots for sunday 29th and old crown on 6th may..
  15. er dont know realy only ever known the supermaret on the site and halfords and comet on the other side of the road where the pics were taken from? anyone else help out im only a young un you know he he