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  1. cheers everyone for your help its been very useful thanks again.
  2. i was the last landlady at the sicey we had some bad times but the great nights we had made up for it the sicey should never have been pulled down if the pub companies supported their tennents more people like myself and my husband who love the pub trade wouldnot be leaving all i can see is that these supposed pub cos are really property developers who i think are modern day wee pipe turpinsat least he wore a mask
  3. My Mum is compiling a book about life on the Flower 50s and 60s, she would like anyone who lived there to share there photos and memories for this book. It wasn't always a bad place like some people think.
  4. i wonder if theres another i was brought up around there so it would be nice to get one
  5. hi there were did you get the picture and is it an original or a print
  6. wincobank hall has just been uncovered at the moment archiologists are there i went up a few weeks ago to have a look its really interesting you can see all the cellar and the old walls.
  7. the hartley brook cottages were opposit the shiregreen hotel at the bottom of sicey avenue near the wood bottom they were demolished in the 1960s, the book by bryan woodriffe called shiregreen wincobank and ecclesfield shows them before they were knocked down.
  8. I'm researching my family, the Tuckwoods. They lived on Alfred Rd from the 1880s to the time it was demolished i'm looking for any relatives but also anyone who knew my family they had a carting business and my great great grandfather joseph had about 8 children so there must be some distant relatives out there so please get in touch.
  9. Hello there ive been doing some research in too my family history in alfred rd and i came across your piece about it ,my family came to sheffield in the 1860s and lived on alfred from from 1880s till it was knocked down my family are the Tuckwoods joseph harry my great grandad then my grandad was also called harry and my dad is also called harry its really interesting how my family lived on the same rd for nearly 100 years did you know them please get back in touch thanks Jessica.