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  1. Police Stations?

    I used to live there. its two flats. we lived in the upstairs one. This picture shows the old police station entrance and the cell windows. The old cell was the bathroom of the ground floor flat
  2. Not A Pillar In Sight

    I Found this in a year book. I still call it 'the cantilever'. I think the North Stand (its proper title) has stood the test of time and still looks the part today, 50 odd years on. Apologies if this has already been posted.
  3. Plymouth Away 1978

    Saturday 15th April 1978 and we are off down south again. This time to Gillingham Wednesday lose 2-1, Denis Leman scored for us in front of a 7,283 attendance
  4. Plymouth Away 1978

    Saturday 8th April 1978 and its back to Hillsborough to take on Oxford United Wednesday won this encounter 2-1 in front of 10,674 supporters. Brian Hornsby and Jummy Mullen scored for the owls. My programme that day ...
  5. Plymouth Away 1978

    Three days before Plymouth - I'd been to Hereford on Saturday the 1st April 1978. £2.30 Again Rodger Wylde scored, this time it was the winner Hereford 0 Wednesday 1
  6. Plymouth Away 1978

    All the way to Plymouth on a school night !!! for just a fiver Tuesday, April 4th, Plymouth Argyle v Sheffield Wednesday, 1-1, attendance 7,694 Roger Wylde scored an equaliser for us. My coach ticket that day ... Got back into Sheffield before the first bus home, so we had to hang around in town. We didn't get taxis in those days. this programme page records the game and the league position on the 8th April
  7. Australian Munition Worker

    Munitions worker no. 397. Worked at Vickers Limited, Sheffield from 24/08/1917 Died of Bronchial Pneumonia following Influenza
  8. On The Road To Wembley

    On the way to Wembley. Blackburn Rovers, Coca Cola Semi-Final 2nd Leg at Hillsborough, Sunday 14th March 1993 Having witnessed a great game in the first leg, it would have been rude not to go to the second leg A 30,048 crowd were in attendance eager for Wednesday to finish the job and guarantee another trip to Wembley To begin with, it didn't go to plan and Blackburn scored first. Being a Wednesday supporter, obviously you fear the worst. But in those days we were on fire and came back to win the game 2-1. (6-3 on aggregate) With Goals from David Hirst a header at the back stick and Mark Bright who scored in a one on one with the keeper. Happy days
  9. On The Road To Wembley

    On the way to Wembley. Blackburn Away, Coca Cola Semi-Final 1st Leg at Ewood Park, Wednesday 10th Feb 1993 What a cracking night that was. Worked half a day and met some friends at the Three Tuns, opposite the HSBC in Sheffield. We drove over in a mates car and went for a beer, but all the designated away pubs were absolutely packed with a queue 10 deep at the bar. So we went for a walk up a hill away from the ground and frequented some pubs deep in Blackburn Territory. Keeping our mouths shut, so as not to attract attention. We won 4-2 in front of a 17,283 crowd, with a brace from Paul Warhurst and a goal from our USA international John Harkes (who lived in Stannington) John Sheridan also got one.
  10. Full House.

    Saturday 17th February 1934. Manchester City, result 2-2, Neil Dewar and Ellis Rimmer scored for Wednesday in the replay we lost 2-0 in front of a mere 68,614
  11. Oldham 1980

    This was my ticket that day - looks like ticket arrangements were done in a hurry
  12. Classic Programmes

    This from a Wednesday Year Book which confirms it was the first floodlit match at Hillsborough
  13. SWFC Handbooks

    1970-71 Year Book
  14. SWFC Handbooks

    1961-62 Year Book
  15. Classic Programmes

    Second Division Champions 1955-56