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  1. Thanks for the replies :-) I was aware of the drop in road height beneath some rail bridges being to accomodate double deck trams. Still seems a little weird they took the bridge down in some places and not others.
  2. Thanks Paul I looked at the same areial view and TBH, I didnt notice the extra span at the bottom of Gleadless Road. Very strange that they didnt remove both, being so close. Could it something to do with the height of buses compared to trams and a bus wouldnt fit underneath maybe?
  3. Hi Dont ask me why, i dont usually need a reason, but i was looking at London Road on PS. I jumped on to Google Maps to pin point something, and noticed that the railway crossing near Ponsford, at some point, was a double crossing. There is an openiing in the wall on the south side of the crossing, on both sides of the road (both are now bricked up). Then i found this on PS http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;t01909&pos=84&action=zoom&id=32318 Which confirms it. How would i go about finding out when this second bridge was removed, and why? Ive only ever known it be a single crossing in my 36 years, so i am guessing it was removed way before my time. Thanks :-)
  4. Brilliant!!! Thanks Stuart. I'm not a locomotive fan or anything, but the whole area this is filmed in is where i live. Just seeing all the industry, in action, is fantastic.
  5. Looking at how old your G Grandad looks here compared to how old he was when he passed away, and also his son in law, i'd put this picture in the mid 1930's. The clothes seem to support this too, IMO. But then you've probably already deduced this for yourself so my input is pretty useless really lol
  6. Holy Thread revival!!! Anyway, . I drive passed here a few times a week. It is now fenced off. At some point, without me noticing until i saw a picture on the thread in the link above, it has acquired some awful rendering, thankfully they havent covered the houses name though. Bit of an oddity this one.
  7. Not sure this is the right place for this, so feel free to move it if so. The Corner Pin, Carlisle Street, is currently undergoing some sort of exterior (and maybe interior, but as i've never been in i cant comment) renovation. Its covered in scaffolding and all the rendering has been removed revealing some very nice brick work. I always thought the big corner emblem with the pubs name on was as old as the building, but there are plenty of pictures on PS that show it without this. It is still in situ though, they have just removed all the paint from it thats all. i drive past most days, and when i next go past as a passenger i'll try and get a decent pic and post on here. The scaffolding is still up, even though the rendering has gone. Unless they are going to treat the brickwork with something, i really hope it doesnt mean they intend on applying fresh rendering as that would be such a shame. I have always thought this pub, if it could speak, would be able to tell a tale or two. The countless afternoon sessions from the steel workers it must have seen over the years, and after work ones too for that matter! Dan
  8. A bit of an update to this. Again I want to thank you all for the work you put in to finding out all these names etc. I have been contacted by a lady who used to live in Bingley Street. I presume after reading this thread. She has been very helpful and even provided me with copies of sketches her father has drawn from their time in Bingley Street. Thanks again everyone
  9. Hi I wondered if anyone had, or could point me in the direction of being able to find out the location of the different machien shops at Hadfields EHW? I have a map that shows a basic outline of the various buildings, but would love to know what each building was or incorporated. I live very close to MH and am intrigued to place all these shops on the current layout of MH to get an idea of where everything was. I have done a rough comparison of my very crude 1930's OS map, and can place the various large buildings approximately on the current site, but would love to also be able to name the different buildings so i can also marry these up with the various pictures on Picture Sheffield that show huge buildings and name them as various machine or workshops etc Any help would be great Thanks Dan
  10. @ Plain Talker I have looked at what you have suggested, and i cant say i agree i am afraid. The gap between the derelict building and the arches, to me, doesn't look big enough to allow for the 'yard' shown in the photograph. From the angle the picture was taken, and to incorporate the arches bending off to the right away from the photographer, the picture would have to have been taken looking toward the Wicker itself, and the main 'Wicker arch' which spans the road which is literally just next to the now derelict building. I cannot see where a signal box is or would have been as, as far as i can make out, from the distance from the photographer it would have been situated right above the main arch, wouldn't it? Correct me if i am looking at this all wrong from your description, but thats what i have taken from what you have said, and looking at current maps, it doesnt quite fit. I think its the best suggestion so far though, I myself havent got any other ideas. I did have a theory about the arches that run alongside Fred Mulley Rd, but the arches themselves aren't tall enough as i think you pointed out. Great thing Google maps, i can do all this while I am sat in work supposedly actually working! Dan
  11. I think it would be great to see the statues back in the city centre. What would be even better would be if we could resite them as close to the original positions as is presently possible. All these great monuments that mean so much to the city, moved to parks and forgotten about. It may bring the city's heritage to people's attention more. I doubt much of today's young generation (younger than 16) know much about Queen Victoria and even less that she visited our city near the end of her long reign. I think we should celebrate our great past even further. Some sort of memorial to the great innovations made in the steel industry for instance, innovations that happened right here in Sheffield which revolutionised the way steel is used and produced throughout the whole world!
  12. Reviving an oldish thread here. I watched this, didnt realise it back in December! Anyway, i thought it was weird. The fight scene outsode the castle market was full of mistakes, timeline wise. As has been said above, the bus going past was a First bus, they had made no effort to even make the street furniture look like 1988, and the posters in the window of the chemist were obivously not 1988 either. Didnt like it.
  13. Look here http://pathetic.org.uk/unbuilt/a61m/ It was to be part of the urban motorway scheme to compete with the likes of Manchester and Birimingham etc. The rest of that site is quite interesting too, if you're sad like me anyway. There is a thread either on here or SF about it somewhere too. Dan
  14. The spot is now within the grounds, of sorts, of Sheffield High School. My other half has taken me to the spot a few times.