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  1. well it was circa 1973 when I visited Club Fiesta (aged 19!!).I actually watched Les Dawson and was brilliant with his Mother In Law jokes. Club Fiesta was BTW the only place in Europe designed so that wherever you sat you got a full view of the stage.
  2. Samatha's Disco was around in the early 70's. I remember because I worked in the Alhambra downstairs. They used to do auditions too once a month for groups - I can remember having the chance to see potential managers just say 'stop' and that was the end of that groups audition. In fact I don't think we've mentioned The Alhambra (based on the old time music hall) in the same building. Bingo and Social clubs 7 days a week but ater 10pm on Fridays and Saturday's became The Alhambra Music Hall. They weould have 4 semi or professional acts on. Cheap entry and was packed (and I mean packed!) on Friday and Sarday mights. Well controlled and both waitress service to tables or visit the bar. This was all part of the Mecca Entertainments Centra on Queeens Road which comprised of The Craywood Casino (basemen), Silver Blades Ice Rink and The Alhambra on the ground floor and then Samatha's Discoteque on the fist floor. Michael
  3. lol I remember Aubrey Marsden who managed Samatha's and whilst I never visited recall the Silver Blades Ice rink. There again I worked for a short period of time at the Alhambra - well it was Mecca Bingo and Social club but on Friday/Saturday nights after 10pm became a 'cheap entry' nightclub. Some good days to remember back then!! Michael
  4. I got one too! The trouble is one never knows quite how far into the board something like this has got as in admin capabilities? Michael
  5. Now I recall the Cinecenta being like soft porn in the early 70's. I also recall my one afternoon visit and way later (like nowadays) no idea of the actual film but did recall the place being packed! Cinecenta was part of the whole complex of Multi storey car park, Top Rank Suite, Club Fiesta, shops and the begining of a big rejuvination of Sheffield. Michael
  6. The Odeon became The Top Rank Club in (I'm sure) 1971 (as I worked there!). If I recall there was a day when a huge crane arrived and removed the projectors and equipment that was sold to a company in India. The place thrived every day after the change but I've no idea of what happened to it after 1973 as I moved away. Those were the days (as they say!) Michael
  7. Heck I recall seeing Les Dawson there and the year must have been 1971 (?). Funny now that I recall never laughing but there again I was only 18 back then. Oh I got in free as I used to work round the corner. I know I saw other acts but cannot recall now. Maybe Tom Jones (but cannot remember). Makes me feel so old now looking at those images but at the time the A1 place! Michael