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  1. One of those used to be The New Yorker, a late night snack bar. Burgers etc. after a night in town.
  2. One thing I recall from the Rag & Tag was a stall where there was a weighing scale which you sat in a chair to get weighed, this was a large brass affair. My grandmother used to let me get weighed when I went to the market with her. Great to see a colour photo of the entrance.
  3. little bag of chestnuts for an old six pence! Bargain I love chestnuts, must be my Sheffield upbringing
  4. Of course this raises another question... Was there a shot tower in Sheffield? If so where. Was bennets the fishing tackle shop on The Wicker / Nursery Street where the guy permanently smoke cigars?
  5. Doing a little internet searching and found this: http://www.sixteenfilms.co.uk/ The Gamekeeper remastered and available on DVD....
  6. Does any one remember Graham Fellows (aka Jilted John, John Shuttleworth et al) being in a drama series mid 1980s about a rally driver? The Sheffield connection (apart from Mr Fellows) being it was filmed at Wharncliffe woods. Not a great drama, but certainly a Sheffield connections.
  7. Eh nothing wrong with either coal hole or an out side loo.
  8. OK so I know folks on here like a challenge, which was Sheffields last pub to hold an ale only license? No spirits and no alcopops
  9. Pickle, not a clue. Sands paviours sounds familiar but I cannot think why.
  10. I still remember the rag & bone man and his horse and cart venturing around S2, even up to the late 1970s. Never did give him any bones, but he had large bones on his cart.
  11. Guano was used as fertiliser, as was crushed bone. No idea where it would be sourced in England, maybe from some offshore unpopulated sea bird island?
  12. I would like to see a picture of the old houses on Minto Road, Hillsborough where my paternal grand parents lived and my father was born... I drove up Minto road, maybe 15 years ago hoping to see some renovated Victorian 2up/2downs, but they have all gone, being replaced with tiny modern boxes At least they probably have hot and cold running water!, probably don't have cellars though.
  13. I think people are a little confused, (maybe I am )... The site planned on being developed is the old BR civil engineers siding at Beigton Junc:- http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=53.357151&a...r=0&src=msl Orgreave sidings was the location where coke from Orgreave coking plant were marshalled before being taken to the various steel works: http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=53.379131&a...r=0&src=msl Rotherwood Exchange sidings where at the bottom of the old Asda car park, this is where freight trains swapped from diesel to electric locomotives and visa versa: http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=53.374381&a...r=0&src=msl All locations are quite close together, but served different purposes. The second picture of "Rotherwood Sidings" posted by pgmetcalf shows the view looking East, Asda was on the right hand side.