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  1. No. Tinsley tram sheds date back to the horse era too.
  2. Hi tozzin. You have still got this by any chance have you?
  3. Fulwood Termius, Canterbury Ave 501 looks brand new in this shot so I’m guessing that means it was taken in the late 40’s.
  4. Another couple from Crich. The roof shot was a surprise for me....I didn’t know there was writing on the roof.
  5. One of the small pleasures of working there is getting in early and having the place to yourself for a few minutes. I love being in just before my shift starts, grabbing a coffee and sitting down at Town End watching the world go by for a bit. I also get the odd nice picture...
  6. Since the first post you quoted was written, I’ve joined the Traffic Dept at Crich and become a conductor. We use the Tardis in summer to store bottled water in for the crews to grab a drink in between trips. This summer (my first season) it has been packed out down there and the tardis has had many admirers. Some one mentioned, a few weeks back, that they though it was the last of its kind in existence.
  7. Sitting here enjoying a brew before going to work and got thinking of the buildings no longer in Sheffield. While many mourn the passing of the Hole in the Road or the Kelvin, I’ve just thought of another, once mighty building, which is no longer with us... the Grosvenor. In the late 90’s I was a regular at The Sheffield Kebab House (I think it was the Kebab of Istanbul at first). On one occasion while parked there in a brand new vehicle, I, and the new van, had the delight of being covered in wet toilet roll thrown by drunken ice hockey players from a hotel window above. I went in to explain my displeasure, deploying what can only be described as “robust” language....and sadly that’s it, my one and only visit inside the place. I was in there at the reception desk for all of ten minutes. Would love to have had a wander round as these 1960’s types of concrete monsters hold a fascination for me. They seem to have an aurora of faded optimism about them. Years later I was working in Telephone House and was talking to Donna, the security lady and all round lovely person. She was telling me that on more than one occasion she had seen couples making ‘adult themed videos’ in the rooms. Apparently it had been noted on more than one occasion from one of the upper floors of Tele House that if you were waiting for a lift at the front of the building, you could see over in to the hotel. People had been seen with video equipment and “performing with the curtains open” How true this is, I can’t say but it came from a reliable source. Im sure the new concrete monster they are building in its place will be lovely but I’ll still miss the underpass, kebab house just up from the YTV studio, the old Fire Station where every Saturday night, young firemen were stood outside chatting up young ladies, the Pizza Hut across from the kebab house and the Grosvenor itself
  8. Was down at Crich last week. 510 was being moved late in the afternoon and is looking very smart.
  9. I’ve always wondered why 536 wasn’t used as the last tram. Somone once suggested that it was probably I need of repair.
  10. She looks to be in better condition, in the Blackpool shot. Sadly the 513 we saw seems to need a good clean, her paint is fading and one of her domes is badly damaged.
  11. A few random shots from EATM, today.
  12. Well, that was a ride out! Four hours driving to Lowestoft to see 513 in the flesh. I saw her at Beamish over 20 years ago and after our recent trips to Crich, thought we could have a ride to Lowestoft today to see the other surviving Roberts Car. Didnt look that far on the map! Carlton Colville museum is a lovely place, compact, but with a number of things to see, just enough for an afternoon out....if you’re in the area, that is, I’m not sure I’d do the drive down there again just for the day! Compared to the almost pristine condition of 510, 513 seems to have had a much harder life, is now looking a little tired and looks to need a bit of tlc. Apparently still owned by Beamish, given that they are building a 1950’s area at their site in the North East at the moment, I wonder if 513 will be heading north some time soon? Have attached some pictures of 513 and one of 510 for comparison.
  13. Same handwriting again! Look at the ‘w’, ‘d’, ‘r’ Looking at the colour, it would appear Crookes depot was black. only Queens Rd and Hilllsboriugh to find now!