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  1. Hjdary

    Tunnel under Handsworth road

    I’m sure we can cross mining activity off the list. Any coal found that close to the surface ( if you can even find it that close?) would simply be open casted. I’m no expert and may have this wrong, but seem to remember reading that the seams of coal run slightly down hill, as such in South Yorkshire.... Cap House just north of Barnsley had one seam at a depth of 140m were as Dinnington was far deeper. Given that, I think Handsworth would be more famous as a mining town with if it had a 4foot deep seam.
  2. Hjdary

    When was this built and when did it close?

    I’m not sure when it was built but I can remember driving through it in the later part of the 90’s. You allowed both ways at first then it went to one way and finally closed altogether. Always enjoyed aride ride through there.
  3. The points were mostly all electrically operated. As the driver approached the points he either coasted through them causing no change or demanded power by changing the control leaver position and this in turn triggered a change in the points...I would guess a control box at the side of the road saw the power demand and operated a relay. There was one set of points up near the university which were manually operated by a man who sat in a little cabin at the side of road. It was thought accelerating through this junction to pull the points ove was too dangerous so it was done by a man with a metal bar.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-43088052 Do you know where they are?
  5. Hjdary

    We are quite lucky...

    Been a while since I’ve been into town at night. Were off in to town next weekend though to the Millennium Galleries...will have to take the camera there too.
  6. Hjdary

    We are quite lucky...

    A few month back I went to pick my other half up from work late one evening, and took my camera out with me. Its been years since I’ve done this. I ended up waiting down on the canal basin and took the attached shot. It left me thinking how lucky we are to live in this area and how colourful it can be, even in the dark. There some down at heel bits of the town but there are many hidden gems like this. Where’s your hidden gem?
  7. Hjdary

    A World Without Mobile Phones?

    I was on call one night and more than a little bored when a call came in for a site in Derby, closely followed by a second call for Burton on Trent. Knowing I’d be out all night I looked for something to download to fill my driving time and found a ‘Learn to Speak German’ podcast by a chap called Peter Myer I have to say, I wasn’t very good at it but, should you ever find yourself needing to say... “Hello, my name is Peter Myer” or “Go straight past the large sign” I’m your man!
  8. Hjdary

    A World Without Mobile Phones?

    Hello Thornton’s Girl. A “No Phone Day”? I like that idea. ( He said typed while sitting in a room with four phones, two iPads a lap top and a kindle!) They have their place and the world would we worse off without them, but we would be better off if people used them in a respectful manner. I like the idea of a day without them though....I’m going to suggest it to my other half. Next month we are off up to Whitby for a couple of days....wonder if we could manage without them completely for at least one of those days. It would be nice to have my other half all to myself and not have to worry about either of our phones ringing, emails piling in or our endless struggle for a charger!
  9. Hjdary

    Silver Blades Ice Rink

    I can still smell the place!.... the cold and the rubber mats...the smoking room and the chips and cheese! Used to take the kids there when they were younger (15 years or so back) and my other half, who had been there as a kid, used to swear it hadn’t changed a bit since her days there, twenty years before that! She works for the company who owns the building now...will have to ask if she knows anyone there and if there’s anything left of the skating rink.
  10. Hjdary

    Bardwells electronic shop has closed

    I only ever went in once or twice.....was assisting with a CCTV install at work and our guy had a van full of kit but ran out out of BNC’s on a Saturday and it was raining! A quick nip into to town to Bardwell’s and a few quid later, I’m on my way back with a paper bag full of them. Such a shame it’s gone.
  11. Hi. I’ve spent quite a bit of the last eight years in the local exchanges working as a maintenance contractor and I’m fascinated by them. I love Eldon and enjoy working there. There’s one guy there who I’ve been told knows everything about the place and I’d love to have a natter with him but he’s always busy and I don’t really like to ask...things like the old abandoned entrance on Milton St or the room which was removed from the roof of Charter Row (I heard it referred to as the Penthouse.??) Once went in to one room and noticed a football, some old clothes and a saxophone in the corner....a couple of month later I’m back there wandering from Milton st round on to Trafalgar to look at a fault and there’s some in the end room practicing the sax...could have stood for ages listening but I had a faulty fire alarm to fettle. I currently look after Ranmoor, Broomhill, Eldon, and the Centre next door, Parkway TEC, Attercliffe, Tinsley, Intake, Halfway, Rotherham Westgate/Chantry (Always wonder why it has two names), Rotherham North, Doncaster North, Doncaster Priory, Scunthorpe Churchlands, Grimsby and Cleethorpes. Used to look after Telephone House, Chesterfield, Worksop and Retford and have been to call outs in a million other sites from Mother ships like Derby Colliyear St to sheds in fields. Theres a sadness in some of them with all the abandoned kit that must have been so busy at one time, but it now sits idle. Some of the rooms still have people’s odds and ends in.... it looks like they’ve just got up and walked out. Although I don’t work for BT I’ve met some great people there.
  12. Hjdary

    A World Without Mobile Phones?

    It might be an unpopular view, but I love my phone and would be gutted to be with out it. Many years ago, when I first joined Sheffield History our computer was a huge thing which needed its own desk and corner of the dining room. Now I’m sitting tapping this out on a phone, in my chair with a cat purring on my knee and my feet up in the front room...all thanks to progress and phones. I can see why some people dislike them. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone standing at a shop till, braying on about something while rudely ignoring the person behind the counter. They sort of behave as if they are so important and so busy they can’t stop to interact with another person. It’s the same in restaurants. The site of four people sat at a table all looking at their phones makes me giggle. Perhaps it’s just a way of filling in the awkward silences? Then there is work. I can remember being sent out as a young service engineer with a bag of ten pence coins and having to use smelly dirty phone kiosks to call the office every two hours. They stunk, were cold and I hated them. Now we can ring, email, text, use WhatsApp, Snapchat or messenger, all from the warm comfort of our vans. Oh and I get the joy of downloading music and radio programs to my phone and Bluetooth it them to my van while I drive round. All in all, I have to say I love my phone and long may it reign supreme! (Would waffle on a bit longer but my battery only has 30% left. Bloody iPhones.)
  13. Every time I go to Meadowhall I always look at Vulcan road and think how sad it is that all the works are gone. Would have loved to have seen it in its prime. The only thing I’ve managed to find that links then and now is this little bit of wall on the entrance to Vulcan rd.
  14. I always wanted to go in but never did. Ive since been to the one on the A19 near Hartlepool and its ok, but not amazing and certainly not as good as a real American dinner. There’s one on the A1 near Newark and something very similar on the A38 close to Burton on Trent