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  1. This is not the first time I have heard this but with another Sheffield icon ........some of you may remember the fountain that was in Barkers Pool - the centre was a quite distinctive stainless steel ball. When the area was rebuilt there was talk of the fountain being stored etc etc.....and I think reading, maybe in the other Sheffield Forum, that somone had been round a Sheffield Council warehouse and saw it, in bits. I cannot swear to the validity of that last statement but it makes me think - does such an "Indiana Jones Lost Ark" warehouse exist ??
  2. Well it was owned at one time by Brian Mooney - this was back in the late 70's early 80's - what relation he was to the infamous Mooney gang I don't know - I heard he passed away about 6 years ago
  3. That boy called Mark is me mate - and I remember the kid with the water rocket
  4. My Auntie used to work in the Clarks shoe section in the OLD Cole Bros at the bottom of Fargate. That would have been the late 50's early 60's. I remember very clearly going into the shop with my Mum to go and see her. While Mum and Aunty Ann chatted I was allowed to 'play' on the x ray machine and see the bones in my feet. I don't know about any other shop but there was definatly one in Coles. I still have both my feet by the way - but sadly my Aunty died of cancer when she was relativly young (in her 50's)
  5. I used to work for Sanderson Kaysers back in the 70's. I spent most of my time at their main place on Newhall Road but was sent on a couple of jobs up to the Darnall Works. The sight and sound of one of those crucibles being tapped stays with me even still there wsa also a wire drawing mill at the same site - that was an impressive sight as well - especially when teh wire missed one of the gates and started to coil over the floor - blokes scattering everywhere while red hot wire snaked its way all over the shop. Happy times - great bunch of workmates. I sometimes used to wander round the old unused parts of the works where they used to have the smaller workshops - never paid much attention to the history of the place though - wish I had now
  6. I went to a lecture back in the 80's given by someone from the Industrial Society. He spoke about creating worth not wealth as the answer to the problems facing the UK. It wsa brilliant and altered my mind about many things. He took about an hour to say what you have said in a few lines. Well done - just about sums it all up.
  7. On the last tour of the UK he did before he died, Fred Dibnah visited the hammer at Doncasters (is it still called that?) I am sure that he and the team of lads from the works went in here for a pint.
  8. Yes I remember Joe very well - was a great shop and a great bloke. When i was about three i broke a glass cabinet in our shop and a piece of glass cut me in the face very badly. Joe just happened to be walking past the shop at the time and heard my Gran and Mum both screaming - apparantly he ran in, took one look at the situation, picked me up and ran all the way to the Infirmary. One of my earliest memories is looking up and seeing his face.
  9. The three wheeler was scary - all black and shiny like some overgrown insect. Cannot remember the sweet shop - the only shop i remember opposite was the fish and chip shop. Do you remember Melias food shop down St Phillips road one the corner of Meadow Street - i thought the smells in there were wonderful
  10. I may have done - but I was only about nine when we moved out so cannot remember any names. Only people i recall by name were the Bamforths, who had the White Hart, the Drabbles who lived next door to our shop on St Phillips Road and the Thackereys who were on Cross Hunt Street. I remember the old disabled guy who used to get around on a funny three wheeler, but only reason I can recall that was that he sadly died when his house caught fire.
  11. Yep - that was me - it is Melluish btw - the Bamforths were at the White Hart at that time cus I used to play with the son, Peter. He had a twin sister and an older sister, Gilian I think. i went in a few times during the late 70's and bumped into one or two of my old mates from Crookesmoor School
  12. Dunno about Number One Gramps - but the rest - spot on
  13. I think The New Inn was run at one time by some relatives of mine - this would be sometime between the wars or just after WW2. I cannot give any further info I am afraid - my only link with the past was my old Mum and she passed away earlier this year, but I do recall my nan talking about the New Inn and all her family were from that area
  14. I used to work in a musical instrument shop in the early 70's and remember these guys coming in a regualr basis. Ross was a great guy. Went to see them a few times but between the Wolves and Quince Harmon I think they also called themselves 'New Jersey Turnpike'
  15. Desy - you do have a habit of rekindling my memories!! - many is the time as a young kid I had to stick my head through the door of that pub "to see if me grandad was there - tell him his dinners ready" Incidentally, unless memory has completely gone, the shop with the awning in the photgraph, just above the Whitby was Joe's newsagents - a great man......and just above his shop you can just see the side of another popular pub, the Ashberry.