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  1. No relation but I used to live next door to an Ian Drayton. He used to live at Firth Park with his wife Caroline. I believe they got divorced. He used to work at Blackburn Meadows
  2. Try emailing Wakefield archives, they helped me when I tried to find info of my grandfather's inprisonment although I don't think they have much. wakefield@wyjs.org.uk
  3. I received an email and freaked out !
  4. Hiya My Dad worked at Osborns steel works in Ecclesfield for many many years. It was on Nether Lane and i think it turned into Excel and is now a catering company. I always remember the bakers Sylvesters on the corner cause when i used to go to work with Dad at the weekend they would give me a mini loaf. Sadly they are no longer there either. I'm after a bit of history on the place and some photos as i think it would be a nice gift for my Dad for Christmas. Thanks Cath x
  5. I remember chatting to a guy once who had a band called Eat don't Hula Cath x
  6. It's at the bottom of Vickers Road that house where i lived for all my childhood. It was well known in earlier yrs as being a bit of a den of iniquity!
  7. Haha wouldn't go that far. My Dad still lives there and he's on the opposite side in the terrace houses.
  8. I lived on Vickers road just off Cammell Road from 1973 til about 1994 :)
  9. It probably is that one but it was definitely Sales Street. I have about 10 certs with the address on. Thanks everyone x
  10. Does anyone know what this is now or if it is gone forever? Thanks x
  11. Only just seen this. Wishing you all the best. RIP
  12. Has it ever been confirmed that this was in High Hazels park and the building that is still there is the one in the picture? Thanks
  13. Hi Kirsten Have you trawled through the death indexes? Anything from 1915 up until the 1980's hasn't been transcribed as yet so it basically means just looking through each individual quarter of each year. Cath x
  14. I've just found her death actually. She died in 1933 in Croydon.