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  1. Saw a few - at the time - 'top acts' not on your list there including : (All of) The Nolan Sisters. Patty BolauYe (Think I spelled it right - but still remember how stunning she looked)!! Davis Soul (Was he Starsky or was he Hutch)? So popular he did two shows in one night) and Little and Large (The house compare made the mistake of nicking one of 'Sid's' jokes as he introduced a support act - Sid heard and was clearly behind the curtain as the compare tried to introduce them, poor compare was slaughtered by whatever he heard becoming unable to speak through giggles - was nearly the best part of the show)! Fely so grown up going there!
  2. At the risk of being accused of being sexist I do wonder if anyone else remembers the old phrase used towards one's wife or girlfriend when helping her out of a chair or into a car 'ee it's like Tommy Wards elephant'! I hasten to add this phrase was mainly used by my parents generation - I personally only trying it once, (think the bruises will be gone in a couple of weeks)!
  3. Super pictures of both speedway action and the team in the 70's - thankyou for making the memories even more 'real'. Used to go to Speedway with my mate, initially because my mum and dad were concerned about the violence at football matches and there were no such problems at Owlerton. Have so many memories of the sounds and smells of the sport - watching every race including the second half 'friendlies' and kids events, carefullly filling in our programmes resting on the almost compulsary home made 'speedway boards' painted blue and yellow, watching our heros work on their bikes in the pits and of course the interval chips from the 'hole in the wall' at the rear of the 4th bend stand! Happy, carefree days! (PS Can I belatedly apologise to the Tigers reserve rider, Brian Maxted, for joining in the shouts of 'gerooamemaxted' each time he came last in a race - never was quite sure what it meant)!
  4. Became very worried at the last slide show evening of the Don Valley Railway Group as I discovered who the person making strong 'agreeing noises' each time the presenter said 'isn't she beautiful' when refering to a steam engine was - yes it was my lovely partner! When challenged she muttered something about being used to waking up next to an old boiler every morning so had come to appreciate such 'beauty'!
  5. Have been to a couple of events organised by the Don Valley Railway Group (www.donvalleyrailay.org) - both have incorporated slide shows / talks which have included much interesting information relating to Wadsley Bridge and other 'lost' stations between the Sheffield boundary and Sheffield Victoria. To be honest was a bit sceptical before I went (jokes about becoming a train spotter from work colleagues) but really enjoyed both evenings. Well worth the visit - oh, and the pie and peas were excellent!!
  6. I was there too! Ok not really there but do have a very early memory of looking out from the hill by me Nana and Grandad's on Ann's Road North and seeing the floodlights and so so much wishing I was there as the feeling of a packed ground (and my Wednesdayite Grandad telling me what a great player he was) seemed magical, even from a mile away!
  7. One of the first football games I ever saw was at United's training ground at Ball Inn - a place where the wind obviously blew straight in from Siberia - the match was a junior match in which the Blade's right back was Len Badger - don't remember much about the game, apart that is from the freezing cold! Later on used to go to watch Yorkshire Cricket with my Grandad and loved to explore the empty seats of the football end - on one brave occaision even sneaking into the 'dugout' which was made of whitewashed concrete with a red painted wooden bench - a little different from the plexi-glassed, heated seated areas of today!
  8. The measures are still in place - well not exactly in the same place - they have been moved to the other side of the Peace Gardens, alongside the Town Hall. Well worth a look for old memories sake!
  9. The shop by the Peace Gardens - the walkway it was on was called St Paul's Parade - was called 'Hobbies'. As a small boy I would spend hours looking in the window at model planes, boats and cars of various shapes and sizes - all of them things that dreams were made of! Inside the smells of glue and especially balsa wood were fantastic - the balsa wood being stored in a frame well within the reach of small hands to touch and easily pick up despite it's size (just what did anyone make from a plank of 3 x 2 balsa I wonder)! PS: No trip to St Paul's Parade was complete without a climb along the wall which contained 'Sheffield's official measures' - I believe my record for climbing a chain length may still stand!
  10. I remember walking to school with my Mum on what I assume was the 17th both of us pretty much unaware of the severity of the gales the night before as we lived in a cottage with a stone slab roof, 18 inch thick walls and of course no wall to wall media! As we passed along Petre Street we began to see more and more slates literally flying and H shaped TV ariels bending almost double - but pressed on to school past my Aunty and Uncles where a piece of slate had lodged in the front door at face height (fortunately during the night so no chance of injury). Don't remember being sent home early from school though!
  11. Smells I will associate with my youth link previous posts. As a young teenager standing in Owlerton Stadium with the smell of speedway bikes/fuel about to be replaced as the racing stoppped at the end of the evening with the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread as we passed the, now demolished, bakery neighbouring the circuit on our way home. Like many others Lady's Bridge very often smelling of hops - as I passed looking down at the orange coloured river. The various, rarely unpleasant, smells from the steelworks which got stronger and stronger on those rare, brave walks,along Carlisle Street where snow never seem to settle. Did anyone else, like me, find it difficult to sleep during 'works weeks', when the comforting sounds of the steelworks fell silent?!