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  1. railways around &I through rother valley in the 50s,60s
  2. would that have been albert & Gladys tuckwood I came across their grave in city rd cemetery recently
  3. the rumour was that they made hand guns ?
  4. anyone got a os map of rother valley before open casting took place.
  5. What period did Fred pass work at heppenstall metals ?
  6. This pub stood on the corner of fell st & brightside lane may have been bombed or more likley demolished any info or a photo please
  7. Any photos of the coal depot& tramway that led the nunnery colliery.
  8. I worked on the flower estate refurbishing the houses from 1983 to 88 and the large greens in the centre of the houses we fence off and gave each house a separate garden with access to each garden via a foot path down the centre
  9. I found the grave of the petty family who died in the fleet st bombing in shire green cemetery there are 5 of the family in it.
  10. Thanks for the newspaper cutting, is there a map that shows were all the public bomb shelters were situated around Sheffield.while working on wincobank ave in the 80s we found the stairs to a public shelter
  11. Thanks Edmund for the info went to local studies today,look at Sheffield star & telegraph for the Sunday 15 Dec 1940 but it as been omitted it goes up to 14 Dec then jumps to the 16th?
  12. Information about day & date of when a bomb fell on fleet st, Sheffield 9 and were there any deaths ?
  13. 1950s os map showing barrow rd from tyler st to meadowhall rd with rail bridges & viaduct.
  14. in 1950s/60s if you walked to catcliffe via infield lane past high hazels park along the so called drug road you would pass a drift mine does anyone remember such a place.