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  1. My mum was Italian and I remember during a visit to Rome in 1985, I was talking to my aunties brother who was actually an Italian POW in WW2 in Norwich. He built roads there and from what I can gather he pretty much could go where he wanted around Norwich. I think he was sad when the war ended and he had to go home.
  2. I remember seeing a double bill of Chariots Of Fire and Gregory`s Girl about 1981 ish at the ABC
  3. Yes we were from the Cross, but we were just a bunch of mates living on and around the Fulmere Crescent area of Parson Cross. We started in the 5th division and got promoted for the first 3 or 4 years ending up after our fifth season disbanding because we were turning up with 9 or 10 men every Sunday as the lads just got fed up. My dad Alf Glaves started us, bought all the kits etc. I think in one or two matches we had 5 Glaves brothers all turning out on the Sunday. Best times of my footballing life, great laugh. Play hard in the morning kick lumps out of one another then into the nearest pub with most of the opposition lads for a few pints and a laugh - great cameraderie
  4. I used to play in the Sunday Regional League for a team called Cross AFC back around 1976 for 5 years. Does anyone know how I might be able to get information on league tables around that time.
  5. I remember the Bier Kellar on High Street ( got done for buying a mate who was underage a beer in there) and the late night burger Hut next to the Classic Cinema in Fitzalan Square guaranteed to give you a bad stomach next morning (Ok it could have been the beer as well). Don`t know why but my wife used to call the Burger Hut "Twerpy Truffles"
  6. I recently posted on another site about the Italian POW`s in and around Parson Cross during WW2. It got a good response with various interesting tales about them laying the roads in the area and making wooden toys in exchange for food amongst the replies. Has anyone got recollections of them and more importantly have your parents or yourselves got any old photos of them working in the area.
  7. A neighbour told me he once did a charity exhibition at the local pub (Forum Sandstone Road). He invited anyone to spar with him and try to hit him on the chin whilst he had his hands tied behind his back. I don`t think anyone managed to lay a glove on him though.
  8. Cheers tsavo Ah I see it was already covered. Anyway I found all the info interesting indeed. So my dad wasn`t telling a tall tale
  9. When I was young my dad used to tell me he went to Salmon Pastures school at Attercliffe. Anybody know if it was a school or was it an area called Salmon Pastures. As I say I was only young and I probably got confused.I would imagine it would be about 1930ish he was telling me about.
  10. Cheers transit much appreciated
  11. Does anyone remember the Albert pub opposite the City Hall. Now that was a proper pub. I used to frequent it in the early 70`s but can`t remember when it was pulled down. I think my brother took a photo when it was I`ll have to see if he still has it.
  12. It was called Buxtons and I agree it was the best. My wife used to live on that road so I sampled more than a few portions after a good night in the Hollin Bush.
  13. I went to De La Salle Scott Road, left in 1972. I believe its a housing estate now. Anyway our football pitch overlooked the cemetry and whenever the ball was kicked over the wall I always volunteered to fetch it cos I could run and jump back to the top of the wall.
  14. I remember getting hot chestnuts on our way down to see Santa in his grotto on The Moor - must have been mid to late sixties as I was about 9 or 10 . Going to see Santa wasn`t for me by the way but my 3 year old sister at the time - oh and my 15 year old brother .
  15. Do they still do the Sheffield Star Walk? I can remember being part of it in the late 70`s . I seem to recall my best time was two hours twenty minutes. I can remember doing it one year and the weather was really hot and there was an old fellow at the bottom of Barnsley Road who had his hose pipe on spraying every walker just as they were about to tackle that murderous hill up to Sheffield Lane Top. Thank You that man. AHH the good old days. I know I have a photo in Hillsborough Park just after I finished it