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  1. Thought that Violet Mays was a great shop - spent many hours browsing. After reading this topic I searched online for any postings on Violet May and found that there is a band with that name (from Sheffield of course)
  2. They used to have a shop on Bramall Lane - went in to buy studs for my football boots, they were kept in a sweet jar. In the 1960s they advertised in United match day programs as United's kit suppliers
  3. Does this film seem worse because it is set in our home town. If this was say a French film set in Lille would it seem as horrible?
  4. Was renamed in the 1980s as the Pennine Inn. I think it was one of those underperforming pubs that Bass Charrington sold off. During the 1960s the landlord was a Mr Hallas, his son Paul (nickname Little Pop) was at Penistone Grammar school from 1966 to 1972.