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  1. It could be a midweek game,they attracted small crowds because they had to be played in the afternoon,no floodlights then.
  2. My great-grandparents George Nichols and Mary Jane Cliff lived at 4 court 2 house Bramber Street in 1881 and were married at Lopham Street Methodist Church round the corner.
  3. Thanks very much everyone. Interesting to see that A&G Taylor were around as early as 1879,as the lady I think is in the picture died aged 60 in 1880.
  4. A relative of mine has sent me the attached photo of two of our ancestors. There are two possibilities of who it might be,to find out we need to know if the photo is late 19th or early 20th century. Anyone any ideas from the clothing?
  5. Benjamin Rhodes was my great-grandma's brother.Thanks for the info.
  6. My grandma was born at 221 Newhall Road in 1886,her birth certificate describes it as Attercliffe.
  7. I've been sent this photo of a painting.The sender believes it is somewhere in the Sheffield area.Anyone any ideas?
  8. The council put a development team in the park 2000-2011,and the Friends group worked very successfully with them to raise funding for several new facilities.Unfortunately they were victims of the first round of cuts.The Friends group are doing what we can to keep the park in good condition,helped by the ranger service and corporate volunteers,but we are anxiously waiting for the next round of cuts before we get some idea of what the future holds. The house was a museum and art gallery from 1903-1953,before the golf club took over. We don't have a website,if you Google High Hazels Park there is plenty of info. about us. Here is a pdf of our historical leaflet. HHP History.pdf
  9. The golf course lost three holes to the building of the airport.They were given the top part of the park to construct three new ones. The park lost the boating lake, pitch & putt course, two cricket pitches, two tennis courts and the Circular Walk, all without consultation. Thus, the Friends group was formed in 1998, to stop any more encroachment. We had to raise £30k just to reinstate the Circular Walk. Everyone were losers - the park lost facilities, the airport failed,and the golf manager told me the new holes are rubbish!
  10. Brilliant stuff. They will go in the Friends of High Hazels archives.
  11. I think you'll find the maintenance will improve this year. Friends of High Hazels was formed largely due to the encroachment of the golf course,and for the past two years volunteers from Carillion plc have been helping us regenerate the neglected areas. They are coming again this year at approximately monthly intervals,but we always need more volunteers and active Friends group members,if anyone is interested. Here's a photo of the boating lake.
  12. I found this old photo album while doing some sorting out in the old cafe building at High Hazels. The photos are probably taken in the 1950'swhen the cafe was at its most popular,run by Edgar & Dot Gough. The photographer has also provided a plan of where he took the shots.
  13. There is a programme about Al Read on BBC Radio 4 this Monday,February 20th,at 4pm.
  14. Thanks Richard,I've got that census return and also the one from 1871,but it highlights the problem of deciphering census returns when not many people could read or write,and gypsies had the particularly annoying habit (for genealogists)of changing their names whenever the mood took them! Gherher ham's real name is Gehazi,Lyshaw is Elisha,Matilda is Jane Matilda,my great-grandma,and Arthur is also known as Athas Enoch,sometimes just Enoch.Fulahers started out as Martha,and later became Sophia.Occasionally they used the surname Revill. I've enough evidence to prove they are the same people,but it doesn't make life easy!
  15. Some of my ancestors,a gypsy family called Blewitt (various spellings) lived on Bailey Street in the 1860's and on Bailey Lane in the 1870's
  16. I walked down Hastilar Road recently,the bowling green is still there,and has been cut recently. The grass is far too coarse for bowling now,I wonder if someone has other plans for it?
  17. Also this on the council website. http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/parks-woodlands--countryside/parks/a-z-city-district--local--parks/manor-fields-park.
  18. There's an area off City Road,on the left going up,just past the cemetery,known as Deep Pits. It's behind the Travellers pub.There are allotments there,and they are just completing a new park,Manor Fields. It looks like that's the area on your map. Try contacting Greenestate,the community enterprise who are developing the park,they should know where the pit and the cottage used to be. Their website is http:// www.greenestate.org.uk.
  19. My first visit to Old Trafford,aged 12. The ground had only one stand then,and three large terraces.66,000 at the game,if I remember right. Wednesday were under pressure most of the game,but Johnny Fantham broke away and got a penalty,which Tom Mc Anearney put away for a 1-0 win. Swanny kicked a United shot out which was a good foot over the line!
  20. This is the old sub-station on Senior Road,Darnall,also up for sale. The old lodge for High Hazels House is believed to have stood on this site previously.
  21. 722 is now the headquarters of the NHS in Sheffield,although I don't think they occupy all the building.
  22. Pictures of the former cinema and alleyway exit taken today.
  23. The side wall on Greenland Road is certainly original. Round the back is a narrow alleyway which was the cinema exit.I can remember being brought out of the Saturday matinees that way,as a small child in the 50's. Don't think it would pass Health and Safety nowadays!
  24. Friends of High Hazels Park AGM is on Wednesday March 30th at 6.30pm in the Development Office (Old Cafe Building) in the park. We would like a large attendance since we have invited senior officers from Parks and Countryside to discuss the park's future in view of council cuts. Free refreshments. All welcome.