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  1. Hi there, i went to Rowlinson Secondary Technical school from 1952 - 1957 and like you I have never found anyone connected with the school during this period. i well remember Mr Kay ,head,Mr Askam deputy head and other teachers coming to mind are Mrs Knott, Mr Bolton, Mr Barnsley,Mr Curly.Mr Dean just to name a few. i have to say that while it was a good school they were not my happiest days,I came out in 1957 with no qualifications,but started work more or less straight away.I suppose they gave me a good grounding as I became a bank manager, working for a bank for 40 years. i know we are all growing old,me 72,but surely there must still be some Rowlinson folk from 52-57 around. Best wishes Patrick Judson
  2. You are the only person I have come across who was at the Carfield during my time. I would love to know your name,we might have been in the same class. Cannot recall an annex as I went to the secondary school next to the junior school and then onto Rowlinson at Meadowhead, or Dyche Lane to be precise.The head teacher at Carfield secondary was Mr Kay and he became head at Rowlinson. My name is Patrick Judson.
  3. David Hagan still visits Bramall Lane.
  4. I recall Castle House which I thought was where the B&C was and that it was on the rhs going down from the High Street, but it is now a long time ago, so my memory could be playing tricks. The only time that I get to Sheffield now is on a visit to the Lane, but that is infrequent. We did spend some time in Sheffield a few years ago but the placed has changed from the Sheffield I knew and grew up in. Still it is a great city and proud that I was born there as were my two daughters. My parents are buried in Todwick church yard..
  5. The Co-operative Bank,or the CWS Bank as it was in those days was on the left hand side of Snig Hill with the bus stop outside and opposite Leyland Paints. Just above the bank was the Black Swann, The bank moved to West Street around 1963, its present home.
  6. I worked for the Co-op in Snig Hill,starting in 1957. The Coperative Bank and stayed 40 years, but not in Sheffield. Left 1969 to Grimsby,which was the start of a moving around excercise.
  7. You were following me on then.3 years later. I wonder if the same teachers and head were there for you. Mr Flower ring any bells. I went to the upper school in 1952 but it transferred to Meadow Head that year and became Rowlinson Secondary Technical school. I still have my junior form class photo, but strange that I have never come across anyone who attended in my era. Best wishes to you in Cornwall.
  8. Bentleys also dealt in cycles as well ,if I remember correctly. Michael Bentley went to Rowlinson school and was in the same class as me,1952-1957. I have asked if there is anyone posting on this site who also attended then. So far no response. There was also a motor cycle/scooter dealer on the corner of Broadfield Road at the Heeley end, opposite the Heeley Colisuim, but I cannot remember the name. My first scooter came from Dan Bradbury on London Road in 1958.
  9. Is there anyone on here who went to Carfield btween 1946 to 1952. Head teacher Mr Chandler.
  10. Is there anyone on this site who went to Rowlinson between 1952 -1957?