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  1. Yeah, thanks for the technical info Malc. It's so long ago and I didn't mean to be disrespectful as I see you were involved in its production. We had a black and white TV at the time and everything in retrospect looked rubbish! It certainly was innovative and as I pointed out it was a forerunner to other more mainstream programming.
  2. Wasn't the saturday matinee called the "ABC Minors"? I seem to remember a song that went something along the line of "We are the ABC minors"? Didn't they show a series of Flash Gordon episodic films? The above memories are dubious due to the passing of time, but I do definately remember seeing Earthquake at the ABC and being terrified the whole building would collapse due to the "Sensaround" effect vibrating the seats. I believe we sat and had a coffee across the road in a coffee shop above what used to be Burtons, I think. I also have a vivid and horrid memory of seeing The Stud at the ABC when I was 15 (but looked older) with Joan Collins' legs in the air in the elevator with Oliver Tobias, and much extended grunting and gasping. For the life of me I truly do not know or remember why I was there with my mother!! Who sat very quiet through the whole film and never mentioned it again!!
  3. I lived on Penistone Rd next to Hillsborough Park and we had the cable fitted back in the mid 70's as did all our neighbours I think as a council experiment in social community TV. It was a right load of old rubbish even by the standards back then. I remember Hullabaloo soley because someone I knew at school regularly appeared on it as one of the extras, he used to go to the studio on a Saturday, and even as a child I knew it was rubbish. (Though maybe a kind of forerunner of Tiswas and even YouTube) I now live near Hillsborough Park and still have the old cable connection in my living room, a strange square box with lots of parallel slots in it hidden behind my new LCD TV.
  4. Ah, of course you are right. The parachute simulator must have been a different year, or in a different spot. Do you, or anyone else have any other photos from the shows? I would love to see more and have searched "picturesheffield" but there is not much there. Alan
  5. That's brilliant, Thanks Hilldweller! Thanks also to DaveH for posting those shots of the Sheffield Show in 1976. I remember being there and looking at that RAF fighter and the scaffolding which if I remember rightly was a parachute simulator?
  6. I wonder does anyone remember how the Co-op in Hillsborough used to look inside, say around 1970 I think. I have a vague memory of a grand (remember I was a child!) spiral staircase. This lead up to a furnishings department and a cafe which overlooked Middlewood Rd. My family did not have much money and I remember feeling quite awed in there and having a lovely hot chocolate. There seems to be no trace of the staircase now unless, as i suspect, it is hidden behind the partition walling running along the Burtons department. I will have to ask the staff if I can have a look behind the scenes.
  7. I spent half my childhood in the early 70's playing in and around the cemetary, usually alone, and don't ever remember being afraid. It was a place of endless possibilities for exploration and a mysterious sense of being lost to time. I used to imagine i was the only person left in the world and the remains of civilisation had been overgrown by nature. There was also the constant crackle of electricity in the air from the overhead pylons, particularly in wet weather. I must say on my recent visits it feels very different. Bleak, desolate and criss crossed with motor bike tracks. All the soft grasses i remember laying in have gone leaving stones, thorns and scrubby vegetation. I would not want any children of mine playing up there.
  8. Yes, I too went to Parkside Road School. Must have been around 1968ish before going to Chaucer Comprehensive in 1974. Does anyone remember a church at the junction of Borough Rd and Park View Road? It's Swann Morton's car park now but the small side building remains which is a small methodist or baptist church itself now. As children my sister and i used to go to an evening church club there called Sunshine Corner. I had forgotten about it until my sister reminded me recently. They taught us the sunshine corner song. "Sunshine Corner keeps you jolly fine, It's for children under 99, Something something something something Come to Sunshine Corner, it's the place for me." Can't remember the name of the church but i think it was unused at the time of Sunshine Corner as I remember going through a back room into the darkened church itself which was really spooky. Also can't find any photos of it.
  9. I was fortunate to be born and raised on Penistone Rd right opposite Hillsborough Park. Firstly in one of the small terrace houses that used to be there before the leisure centre and later in the small row of shops opposite the bottom of Parkside Rd. There was Shorts general crocers, a butchers, a womens clothes shop (where I lived), Wongs Fish & Chips, a barbers and a driving school. I found the attached photo from sheffield library which shows the shops (though before my time!) and you can see my attic bedroom window, and the park gates to the left. We had no bathroom and an outside toilet, that was always full of spiders. I used to hate having to go! We found a huge hole one day in the back kitchen where rats had eaten their way through from the butchers next door and lived with the constant smell of fish from the chippie. The park was a real treat being so close. I vaugely remember the park keeper Polo, mentioned in another post, the putting green, the old mans hut and also riding in the paddle boats on the lake. We all watched the Queen arrive to visit the park for her Silver Jubilee and used to climb over the railings to get into the Sheffield Show. I remember as a child being amazed by the huge tents erected for the flower displays but my favorite was the Bassetts tent where they gave away free Allsorts. My sister was in the Hallamshire Harriers and used to run at the track in the park, now gone. The attached photo shows my family sat outside the library in 1963 (my dad is holding me). You can see the lovely old flower beds they used to have, the childrens library and the walled area that is now the walled garden. It used to be used for growing the flowers for the beds and was not open to the public. I always used to think it kind of mysterious, a secret garden only glimpsed when a gardener opened the door in the wall.
  10. I remember going to see the Euryhmics live in the early eighties at what had previously been The Hoffenbrau, though don't remember what it was called at the time, was it Berlins? Annie Lennox with her copper coloured hair and dark suit. Sweet dreams! Also getting my nose broke at Faces in 1979 by some drunk who headbutted me. My girlfriend at the time was applying eyeliner to my eyes ala Gary Numan!! and he thought i was a big puff!! I think The Limit was closed, it was maybe midweek, I forget, so we had gone to Faces instead which was not your alternative crowd like at The Limit. I staggered out, pint glass in hand, and we went, via the Crazy Daisy for another pint, down to Pond Street bus station and took the attached picture in the photo booth there. If you look closely you can actually see the curve on my nose!! and the next morning i had two lovely black eyes! Note the surly Gary Numan style scowl, dyed blue black hair and remnants of the eyeliner. She had rather more! I was only 16 at the time and had told the girlfriend I was 18, she said she was 20, the funny thing was when I confessed this to her some years later she confessed that she had actually been 28!!